Interview with New York Rising Star Brewers Basil Lee and Kevin Stafford of Finback Brewery

by Mary Choi
February 2015

Mary Choi: What’s your favorite brewing tool?
Basil Lee and Kevin Stafford:
A portable brewery pump.

MC: What’s a tool you wish you had?
BL and KS:
A bottling line.

MC: What’s your favorite resource for brewing?
BL and KS:

MC: What’s the most important brewhouse rule?
BL and KS:
Cleanliness! Clean as you go, and always clean up after yourself.

MC: What’s your favorite style of beer to make?
Any smoked beer, really.
KS: … and IPAs.

MC: What’s your favorite beer to drink?
Sour beers.
KS: Imperial stout.

MC: Where do you most want to go for brew-travel?
BL and KS:
Belgium, to check out all the traditional breweries and monasteries.