Madeline Triffon, MS Fast Facts

September 2010

Size of your wine program?

The Matt Prentice Restaurant Group has four fine-dining venues. Each has an in-house sommelier and a unique wine program, ranging from 200 to 700 selections, tailored to the neighborhood and to the menu.

Favorite up-and-coming wine region?

South Africa, actually a well-established wine-producing country that does not, as of yet, enjoy the broad recognition in the US that their wines deserve. The diversity of terroir and wine styles makes one giggle with glee! At best, South African wines over-deliver in their price points and offer the wine lover a glimpse of both the Old and New Worlds in each glass.

Favorite wine resource?

Tasting! Even the best critical publication is just a confirmation of quality, or, more usefully, an indicator of where to look for neat things to taste.

Most exciting wine trend?

Today’s American wine consumer is receptive to anything from anywhere, meaning they are open to offbeat or obscure wines if presented by a credible wine program or enthusiastic sommelier.