Interview with L.A. Rising Star Chef Gareth Evans of Gwen

by Caroline Hatchett
June 2017

Caroline Hatchett: How did you get your start? 
Gareth Evans:
I opened Maude with Curtis [Stone] three years ago. I packed up the car and put as much stuff in there as possible. I was at Per Se two years before that, and at Gordon Ramsay with Marcus Glocker and Ron Paprocki before that. 

CH: Who's your mentor? 
I worked under Jonathan Benno at Per Se. My first chef was in London, Josh Emett. Olivier Limousin at Robuchon; he taught me French [cuisine] in Paris, and we opened L’Atelier in London together. 

CH: What's the biggest challenge facing your restaurant? 
The learning curve. Every day, there are so many variables with wood-fire cooking. With all the rain we just had, the wood burned so differently. Cooking with live fire is a challenge, but it’s also fun, trying to incorporate those flavor into the cuisine and onto the menu. 

CH: What's your five-year plan?
I’ve been here four years in October [2016]. This is an ambition project, we’re just getting going and finding our feet with this space. My goal is to keep moving forward with this. I just introduced a 10-coruse tasting menu. I’m working on changing and evolving the menus.