Interview with Chef Walker Stern

April 2013

Dan Catinella: What inspired you to cook professionally?

Walker Stern: I wasn’t great in high school. I started working in restaurants and progressed from there.

DC: What’re some of your favorite restaurants?

WS: Franny’s. I love the vegetable dishes, creative and pure. St Anslem. I really like the butcher’s steak and the skillet potatoes are incredible.

DC: How are you involved in the culinary community?

WS: We are only able to do a couple of events. We try to buy our produce from Union Square and Carroll Gardens.

DC: What is your philosophy on food and dining?

WS: Technique and discipline

DC: What’s the biggest challenge facing your restaurant?

WS: Trying to keep everything fresh and exciting.

DC: What’s the toughest thing about your job?

WS: I move around a lot; San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York.

DC: What’s your proudest accomplishment to date?

WS: Opening this restaurant.

DC: What’s your next move?

WS: I’d like to do more restaurants. Maybe something more upscale.