Interview with Chef Vincenzo Marianella of Providence - Los Angeles, CA

May 16

Antoinette Bruno: What drew you to restaurants and in particular, to mixology?
Vincenzo Marianella: When I was in London, I learned that mixing drinks was a craft, and that really interested me.

AB: Were you trained in bartending or mixology?
VM: I took a bartending course, but it wasn’t a good experience. Going to drink and work in the bars in London was my best training.

AB: What are some current trends you’ve seen in the cocktail market? How have trends changed?
VM: It seems people here in LA are just discovering rum and the mojito. Rum, bourbon, and tequila are moving ahead of vodka.

AB: What goes into creating a new cocktail? How long does it take to create a new cocktail?
VM: It takes anywhere from 30 seconds to three days. I use my nose to create new cocktails because it’s big and can take in the perfumes.

AB: What inspires you when creating a new drink?
VM: I go with what I feel I would like to have at the moment, something that can quench my thirst. Reinventing old school cocktails is also inspiring.

AB: What is your favorite cocktail to drink and make?
VM: A drink depends on my mood and if it is a good bartender. First would be a margarita, and then a Blazer with cognac. It’s the best drink in the winter. I like to make all drinks, but I love to make a Blazer. But you need a beaker that won’t explode with the fire.

AB: Where do you see yourself in five years?
VM: In a bar on some Caribbean island with sand on the floor. I wouldn’t prefer my own bar, but a nice hotel on an island.