Interview with Kentucky-Tennessee Rising Star Chefs Michael Hudman and Andrew Ticer of Hog & Hominy – Memphis, TN

by Caroline Hatchett
February 2014

Caroline Hatchett: What’s your favorite tool?
Michael Hudman: My grandmother’s ravioli press

Andrew Ticer: Wooden spoon

CH: A tool do you wish you had…?
MH: I want to try a CVap.

AT: Gelato maker

CH: What question gives you the most insight to a cook when you’re interviewing them for a position in your kitchen?
What are your favorite/least favorite cookbooks? We like to know how passionate and invested a new cook is, and researching what others are doing really demonstrates the level of interest.

CH: What are some of your favorite food resources?
Cookbooks. I read through cookbooks every night before I go to sleep.

AT: I’m big into the internet. I love Twitter and seeing what other chefs are doing. It’s inspiring and drives us.

CH: What’s the most important rule in your kitchen?
Always carry a notebook.

CH: Where do you most want to go for culinary travel?
Something about Italy grounds you in food, and the food there is lovingly made and always speaks to the soul, which we both think is vital for good food.

AT: We need to get back to Italy. Their whole food focus—the way they live to eat, respect their product, know the food source, have a relationship with eating that utilizes everything and wastes nothing—it changed who we are as cooks.