Weekly Mix: Hair of the Dog

by Emily Bell
Antoinette Bruno
December 2011


The Fizzy Lifting Drink at The Sugar Cube - Portland, OR

Shame on you. You came here looking for booze, more booze, after weeks upon weeks of sentimental, occupational, and recreational holiday boozing. But a new year is (nearly) upon us—what better time to give your (or your customer’s) body a break from the obligatory onslaught of punches, bubblies, nogs, and grogs?

Behold “The Fizzy Lifting Drink.” This quenching, refreshing drink from 2011 Portland Rising Star Pastry Chef Kir Jensen does double duty as palate cleanser and pick-me-up. “It's so refreshing, and hits all the notes of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy,” says Jensen, who spends most of her time as the one-woman show behind Portland’s adorably delicious Sugar Cube.

The “lifting” part of the Fizzy Lifting Drink is performed by ume, a Japanese plum drinking vinegar with centuries’ of history as an energizer, calorie-burner, and detoxifier (meaning it’s in line with most resolutions you’ll encounter). Not that this cocktail is exclusive to the contrite: the combination of salted plums, piquant vinegar, and a slight kick of heat from fresh ginger make it just the right mixture to wash over any palate, fatigued or fresh. And for those looking to delay the inevitable detoxes and do-overs, Jensen allows that this could, indeed, “make for a fabulous cocktail. Vodka, gin, or even good bourbon would be a welcome addition,” she suggests. We’re sure it would, you sinners. Happy New Year!