Top Dishes of 2016

By Team StarChefs


Team StarChefs
Some of Team StarChefs' favorite dishes of the year
Some of Team StarChefs' favorite dishes of the year

We’re a fortunate bunch. The StarChefs team met with around 600 professionals in 2016, clocking in at more than 2,000 dishes and drinks consumed, contemplated, and savored. Here, our (opinionated) crew has distilled its favorite dishes, desserts, and cocktails. We also included a list of craveable dishes that we’d gladly eat every single day. Without further ado, here are the pastas and curries and cakes and couped-up cocktails (and toasts, you gotta have toast) that we loved the most.

Top 15 Savory
This year, not-so-humble soups stole the show, along with updated cacio pepe, hyper-stylized causa, and a category-bending, à la minute bread that henceforth changes the standard for bread service. 

Top 10 Pastry
It was a great year for pastry in California with SF and LA pastry chefs dominating our list of favorites. But late in the year, a Brooklyn baker extraordinaire presented a cake tower of power with 32 distinct layers and fillings. 

Top 5 Drinks
From boozy spirit-forward cocktails to culinary masterpieces, there wasn’t a style that spoke to our hearts so much as creativity, balance, and (apparently) Sherry. We’ll have another, please. 

Top 10 Craveable
These are dishes that make our hearts ache with longing, especially when a soul restoring, six-hour Bolognese is 3,000 miles away. Lucky for us, deep fried burrata lives near StarChefs HQ in Brooklyn. 

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