Super Bowl Supping: Eating Like a Champ on Game Day

by Emily Bell and Katherine Martinelli
Vicky Wasik and Antoinette Bruno
February 2010


Most Americans will spend some or most of Super Bowl Sunday far from the pleasures of a restaurant dining room, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be eating well. As the Colts and Saints prepare for battle this weekend, their audience will spend the weekend sourcing the best grub for the big game. And while delivery pizza and light beer may suffice for dedicated football regulars, the options for game-day dining are no longer relegated to second and third tier. Between craft breweries, sophisticated street food, and a restaurant culture that is newly invested in comfort food (pig’s trotters, anyone?), menu-planning for Super Bowl Sunday has become a reason for chefs and football fans alike to celebrate.

For Super Bowl-friendly food with a farm-fresh slant, check out Taylor’s Automatic Refresher. At his locations in St. Helena, Napa, and San Francisco, 2009 Napa Sonoma Rising Star Restaurateur Duncan Gott plies guests with old school, nostalgic fast food prepared with first rate ingredients.

The Cheeseburger offered at Taylor’s Automatic Refresherdoesn’t get any more classic, served on an egg bun and topped with their own closely-guarded secret sauce and good old American cheese. Fries get an intense flavor-booster by being tossed with garlic-infused butter, and the mahi mahi in Taylor’s Fish and Chips is dipped in a beer batter and fried to crispy perfection. All are exactly the kind of snack-worthy food people want to dig into as they grab for a beer, sit back, and watch the game.

With only three locations, Taylor’s Automatic Refresher can cater to a mere portion of the population come game day. But diners nationwide can easily avail themselves of similarly top-quality take-out options. In a country of increasingly democratic culinary opinions,Super Bowl Sunday is no longer a culinary wash dedicated to generic pizza, wings, and watery beer. The integrity of the American burger is at an all time high, with hot dog restaurants following in the footsteps of their revamped meaty cousins; the locavore movement has reinvested energy and attention in locally-produced food options nationwide; and food trucks are carting restaurant-quality foods, be they fusion or authentic import, to city street corners. With options like these, Sunday football just got a lot more interesting.

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