This Stuffed Pepper at Rahi Tastes Like a Corndog

By Amelia Schwartz | Jaclyn Warren


Amelia Schwartz
Jaclyn Warren

Mirchi pakora might be an Indian street food staple, but there’s something so Nathan's-corn-dog-at-the-Coney Island-boardwalk-on-the-Fourth-of-July about Rahi Chef Eric Valdez’s version. Let us explain: Although the fried-chickpea flour crust is fairly traditional, Valedez’s stuffing swaps out the typical potatoes, onions and chaat masala for chanterelle mushrooms coated in amul cheese. Amul cheese is essentially the American cheese of India: highly processed and often served in a can. Valdez balances out the richness with a tamarind-date chutney, spicy mayo, fermented hot sauce, and crispy shoestring potatoes. Unlike a corndog, it’s best that this pepper is not served on a stick because as soon as you cut it open, the melty cheese oozes out and mingles with the chutney and mayo. The dish becomes sweet, salty, spicy and indulgent in the best possible way (full recipe here). 

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