Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski on Cooking with Respect

Chefs Nicole Krasinski and Stuart Brioza
Chefs Nicole Krasinski and Stuart Brioza

At the 13th Annual StarChefs Congress, we’re gathering more than 170 industry icons to share the influences that permeate their work in the kitchen and on the floor. On the Congress main stage, they'll bring their communal-style restaurant, The Progress, to the Congress the main stage, sharing their signature roti and California accoutrement, along with all the details that go into making a meal feel like the greatest dinner party ever. To explore the theme, “Cooking With Respect,” we asked the duo what cooking with respect means to them.

The one kitchen task you could perform the rest of your career:
SB: Prepping local San Francisco Bay anchovies, fresh out of the water!
NK: Making ice cream. Twenty years into cooking, and I still get so much satisfaction from tasting the finished ice cream straight from the machine!

What’s sacred in your kitchen: 
SB: Tasting spoons
NK: The copper jam pot

One thing you do to take care of yourself:
SB: Eight hours of sleep and an intensive exercise routine outdoors in Golden Gate Park. I follow it up with a big breakfast of salad and chicken broth (and six to 10 cups of coffee).
NK: I walk our dog Maggie up to Alamo Square Park every day.

What you want your team to respect:
SB: Palate
NK: Repetition and the time it takes to master anything

Change you’ve made in your business or life in the past year:
SB: My general health: a good night’s sleep, exercise as therapy, and better eating habits.
NK: We published our first cookbook, State Bird Provisions, in October!

Most special ingredient in your walk-in:
SB: Local San Francisco Bay anchovies!
NK: Gravenstein apples from our farm. They are perfectly tart and delicious in the summertime!



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