Spirit-Free Melon Cocktail

By Julia Pinto | Will Blunt


Julia Pinto
Will Blunt
Melo Fresca: Cantaloupe Shrub, Orange, Lime, Coconut Water, Salt
Melo Fresca: Cantaloupe Shrub, Orange, Lime, Coconut Water, Salt

Bartender Sarah Crowl of Coltivare is one of the many advocates of spirit-free cocktails in Houston and of the hospitality-for-everyone movement. “We wanted to provide something that was all-inclusive to anyone who wants to celebrate,” says Crowl. The spirit-free section of Coltivare’s cocktail menu features a margarita variation named MELO FRESCA. The drink, which is just as carefully crafted as ones with alcohol, consists of an in-house cantaloupe shrub, coconut water, lime, orange, and salt, and is garnished with an elegant slice of cantaloupe. With the hospitality industry itself becoming more interested in self-care and sober living, along with the rise of a culture of sobriety spurred by millenials, the demand for spirit-free cocktails from both sides of the bar shows no signs of stopping. Here are some other spirit-free options on the offer at Coltivare: MI AMIGA, grapefruit, lime, jalapeƱo, agave, topo chico; DESIGNATED DRAGON, apple shrub, Italian marigold, cinnamon, elderflower tonic; NADA COLADA, pineapple, coconut water, almond orgeat, lime. Get inspired and add the spirit-free category to your menu. 

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