The Sound of Service

By Amelia Schwartz


Amelia Schwartz
Chef Nicole Matson of How To Cook A Wolf
Chef Nicole Matson of How To Cook A Wolf

The music starts to play a the team meeting before service at How to Cook a Wolf. The playlist begins with a song bursting with energy. It could be Beyonce. It could be George Michael. It could be Vulfpeck—it depends on the person holding the phone. “In our restaurant, everyone has the power to take over the playlist,” says Rising Star Chef Nicole Matson. Staff trade and feed off of each others’ song choices. “As soon as a song comes up that we love, it gets us pumped. [The music] creates an eb and flow that the guests can see.” With an open kitchen and small space, the entire team is able to take part in whatever mood the music is amplifying. “That’s why people say that they have the best eating experience,” says Matson. “The mood of the restaurant is legitimately just a fun dinner party.” As the sun goes down and the night comes to a close, the queue takes a sexier turn, shifting towards lo-fi beats and D’Angelo. Although the playlist is ever-changing, here’s a glimpse at what’s playing on a typical shift at How to Cook a Wolf. 

  1. Best to You, Blood Orange
  2. Pusher Love Girl, Justin Timberlake
  3. Make Me...(feat. G-Eazy), Britney Spears
  4. Sound and Color, Alabama Shakes
  5. Freedom!, George Michael
  6. Breakfast in Bed, Mayer Hawthorne
  7. Hold On, Wilson Philips
  8. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes, Crosby, Stills & Nash
  9. Consideration, Rihanna, SZA
  10. Normal Girl, SZA
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