The Best Chicken Nugget Ever

By D.J. Costantino


D.J. Costantino
Chef David Dunlap's soigne chicken-fried morels
Chef David Dunlap's soigne chicken-fried morels

Hot damn, fried morels! At Maple & Pine in Richmond's Quirk Hotel, Chef David Dunlap combines his Pacific Northwest upbringing with some Inn at Little Washington training and a little down-home Richmond love. For one of his small plates, he stuffs morels with a traditional French chicken-morel mousse. Steamed through to cook the mousse, the mushrooms take a dip in a three-step panko breading before diving into a 325°F fryer for five minutes. The crispy nuggets sit atop some buttered (what else!?) Frank’s Red Hot and get freshened up with shaved Virginia asparagus. It’s a soigné presentation that doesn’t forget its roots. If only you could get a 20-piece at the drive-thru.

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