Pasta With A Shrimp Crush

By Caroline Hatchett


Caroline Hatchett

Sauce passatina generally involves crushing tomatoes and basil or puréeing chickpeas and vegetables. For the passatina at St. Cecilia, Chef Craig Richards passes sautéed shrimp and tomatoes through a food mill, extracting all the fats and funk from the shrimp heads, sweetness from the meat, and toasty notes from the shells. “I read about the technique somewhere, and it really said St. Cecilia,” says Richards. “It seems like something a fisherman would make.” Richards pools the deep orange sauce between smoked eggplant mezzalune that burst open with a puff of air and finish with palate coating creaminess. Together, the shrimp (Georgia coast), eggplant (a locally farmed Chinese variety), tomato (San Marzano), and basil (Thai) scream summer in Sicily via the thoughtful technique from an Atlanta chef.

Get the recipe for Craig Richards Smoked Eggplant Mezzaluna, Shrimp Passatina, Tomatoes, and Thai basil here.

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