Bubbly BLT Oysters

By D. J. Costantino


D. J. Costantino
Chef Gabe Freeman's BLT Oysters
Chef Gabe Freeman's BLT Oysters

Son of the Chesapeake Gabe Freeman grew up eating a lot of oysters. “It’s not a fancy thing. You get a pitcher of beer, shuck, and eat. When you get tired of eating them raw, throw them on the grill or in the oven. I wanted to bring that sort of experience to Chicago,” says Freeman. As chef of Scofflaw, he introduced his beloved bivalve to a different type of simple pleasure: the BLT. For his broiled BLT oysters, Freeman makes three compound butters with dehydrated tomatoes, butter-poached butter lettuce, and bacon, respectively. He layers the butters like Neapolitan ice cream to slice and stack atop a half shell. Sprinkled with breadcrumbs and straight into the oven, they baste in the BLT butter until bubbly. Fill up a pitcher and knock back a few (dozen).

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