The Prix Fixe Playlist

By Erin Lettera | Will Blunt


Erin Lettera
Will Blunt
Trumpet-player-turned-baker Christopher Lier prepping his kumquat date galette
Trumpet-player-turned-baker Christopher Lier prepping his kumquat date galette

A well-curated playlist strikes the right balance and mood of the dining room–but that’s for the customer experience. After meeting so many musicians-turned-hospitality-workers in L.A., we asked them, “What makes you vibe out?” Rocking out to just the right song in pre-service is as important as fully stocked mise; you have to finely tune your station the same way you would tune a guitar. It sets the tone for the night. Is that a mic test over at garde manger, or is someone sharpening knives? Xylophone, or is the barback stacking glasses? It’s a steady rhythm all around. This playlist is a testament to all those Fridays on the line, the early mornings at the bakery, or the drive in on the 405 (windows down, volume up). 


We sort of played a game of telephone to build this playlist, song by song, person by person. Each one added to the song before to either let it flow or entirely change the chi. Our recommendation: Queue this up during prep then have your team add to it. 


“I Am the Highway” by Audioslave

Selected by Little Llama Peruvian Tacos Chef Jean Valcarcel, who studied music in college.


“Yoga Means Union” by Ambulance LTD

Selected by Trevor Faris, owner of Hank’s Bagels. Faris was a touring drummer and studied classical music.


“Only You” by Theophilus London ft. Tame Impala 

Selected by Death & Co. Bar Manager Matt Belanger, who used to play trombone in a ska band.


“Bag Lady” by Erykah Badu

Selected by Arturo Enciso of Gusto Bread. The baker played guitar in bands when he was getting his start in the industry. “So much soul packed into this song; it always gets me in the zone.” 


“100%” by Sonic Youth 

Selected by Sfoglino Francesco Allegro of Rossoblu. Allegro tours around Italy as an acoustic singer-songwriter.


“Don’t Believe a Word” by Thin Lizzy 

Selected by Gracias Madre Beverage Director Maxwell Reis, who played bass and sang in death metal bands. For a collab with The Mermaid bar, he even developed a series of metal-themed cocktails, featuring holy water and a burnt Bible, among other macabre ingredients.


“War Pigs” by Black Sabbath 

Selected by Bar Director Shawn Lickliter of République, who played in the band Copper


“Canção Postal” by Lo Borges

Selected by Christopher Lier, head baker at Bub and Grandma’s, who studied music and plays trumpet.


“This is the Day” by The The

Selected by guitarist and Baker Zack Hall, owner of Clark Street Bread


“Wave of Mutilation” by Pixies

Selected by Damian Beverage Manager Jun Kwon, who played drums and studied music in college.


“Bila Mashini” by New Elvis

Selected by Ten Café Manager Kevin Snevely. He came to live in L.A. through touring in different bands and writing pop music.

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