Popcorn Oysters

By Julia Pinto | Jaclyn Warren


Julia Pinto
Jaclyn Warren

A common experience in America might be an after school venture to the local drive-in chain for a happy hour slushie and a popcorn chicken snack. A similar custom in Taiwan switches out the drive-in for a boba tea shop, but the typical snack served remains the same halfway round the world: popcorn chicken. Chef Tiffany Ran of BB6: Taiwanese Pop-Up has taken inspiration from this fast food item and turned the fun and finger-lickin’ food into something more refined and equally worthy of daily consumption: a bowl of popcorn oysters and oyster mushrooms, pickled ginger, and fried basil. Of Taiwnese descent, Ran is from the Pacific Northwest and started shucking oysters young, and even shucked professionally at The Walrus and the Carpenter. Some of the Pacific oysters she breads and fries are whoppers, others are a bit more popcorn-like, but all are crisp and juicy. The ginger and basil provide balance and freshness. The urge to fill a void in Seattle’s food scene came when Ran asked where she could locate the Taiwanese food in the city. The lack of representation is changing with Ran as an advocate for Taiwanese food in Seattle.

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