An (Ongoing) National Black-Owned Restaurant Directory

By Amelia Schwartz


Amelia Schwartz
Chef and Restaurateur Nina Compton of  Compère Lapin
Chef and Restaurateur Nina Compton of Compère Lapin

With this spreadsheet, you can find an ongoing list of Black-owned restaurants across the country, along with the name of the owners who made it all possible, all in one place. This list will continue to grow. We will update it daily, until we cover as many cities as possible across the United States. If you see a restaurant that we are missing, if you have any edits or updates, or if you have a story of a Black restaurant professional that needs to be shared, please email

Click here to open our Black-owned Restaurant Directory Spreadsheet

Big thanks to all the writers, bloggers, and activists who helped us compile this ever-growing list. So far, this includes:

For another excellent resource in discovering Black-owned restaurants, download the EatOkra App. 


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