Note-able Chefs

By Sean Kenniff | Jaclyn Warren, Megan Swann


Sean Kenniff
Jaclyn Warren, Megan Swann
Sketches at Adana
Sketches at Adana

We have apps and phones, and phones with apps, and tablets, PCs, spreadsheets, Google Docs, and voice memos. There are so many available mechanisms with which to jot down and keep notes. And yet, we find that the vast majority of chefs and other hospitality industry professionals prefer notepads, notebooks, moleskins, scraps of paper, post-its… Maybe chefs are just an old fashioned lot, accustomed to physically flipping through their cookbook collection, placing check marks on prep lists, and keeping a clipboard in hand during inventory. Sharpies, pens, and pencils are literally part of the uniform. Whatever the psychology behind their use, a notebook is personal and a peek at another’s notebook may give you some insight into their personality, or at least their organizational gravitas. Here, a few pros share their notebooks. How does yours compare?















Rachael Coyle, Coyle's Bakeshop













 Maximillian Petty, Eden Hill      













Kimberly Cosway, Heartwood Provisions













  Sienna Hembrooke-Mann, Herb & Bitter Public House     


Katie Gallego, Il Nido













   Elizabeth Kenyon, Manolin     



Chunghoon Jeong, Paju













  Daniel Mallahan, Rider     


Mark Martinez, Vendemmia













Aaron Means, Zig Zag Cafe    


Shota Nakajima, Adana


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