Majordōmo Aged a Banana Boulevardier for 11 Months

By Lizzie Takimoto | Will Blunt


Lizzie Takimoto
Will Blunt
Majordōmo's Aged Banana Boulevardier
Majordōmo's Aged Banana Boulevardier

During the last year, while tables and bars stood empty, ovens remained cold, and wells were left dry, Majordōmo Head Bartender Austin Hennelly had magic brewing in the walk-in. What started as a great cocktail became an even greater one when the hiatus left room for experimentation. A banana chocolate mousse with miso butterscotch on the restaurant’s dessert menu inspired his Boulevardier. Hennelly clarified Suntory Toki Whisky with ripe banana and shiro miso via centrifuge before adding Campari, Vermouth di Torino, chocolate bitters, and absinthe. The drink was batched and ready for service when he found out that service would not be happening any time soon due to COVID-19. Hennelly grabbed some onggi, the slightly porous Korean earthenware, to store the Boulevardier in the walk-in for 11 months (full recipe here). “Unaged, the drink, like a negroni, starts out harsh and mellows after a little while, but with the time in the clay, it’s smooth right off the bat,” he says. The result of the aging was highly integrated flavors and a silky-smooth texture.

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