Lao Burger

By Julia Pinto | Megan Swann


Julia Pinto
Megan Swann
The Lao Burger | Chef Sydney Clark of Taurus Ox
The Lao Burger | Chef Sydney Clark of Taurus Ox

Chef Sydney Clark is celebrating Lao culture and fueling the fire of the Lao food movement at Taurus Ox. Along with business partners and Chefs Khampaeng Panyathong and Jenessa Sneva, she’s blending East and West: The ox represents the east (traditional ingredients, flavors, techniques) and the taurus represents the West (burger-loving Seattle). Their Lao Burger exemplifies this duality, and it’s spectacular. Clark smashes together two thin beef patties, melting provolone between them, and layers on cilantro, pickled red onion, pork jowl bacon (aka Laotian sour pork), jaew bong mayo (sweet and savory chile paste flavored with galangal and fish sauce combined with makrut lime spiked a├»oli), tomato jaew, and crunchy taro stem. The satisfying stack had the burger receptors in our brains firing all at once while the Lao influence introduces bright, earthy flavors that both lighten up the format and make it all the more addictive. Go ahead, wipe your mouth on your sleeve and go in for another bite.

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