Chef Justin Flit's Dessert Doubles as a Cheese Course

By Aiman Javed | Jaclyn Warren


Aiman Javed
Jaclyn Warren

When Navé Pastry Chef Devin Braddock took some time off and the menu needed a new dessert, Chef Justin Flit tried out his long-held interest in pastry. Collaborating with Sous Chef Mario Alegre, Flit developed a butternut squash sformato for the dinner menu, which, in turn, led to the birth of the parmesan sformato (full recipe here). Without being too sweet, the light dessert doubles as a cheese course. “It doesn't really make you feel like you want to go to bed after,” Flit says. Leftover parmesan rinds get boiled in heavy cream and flavor a creamy sformato paired with tangy lemon curd and a luxe white chocolate mousse. The confection is topped with parmesan shavings, delivering an extra touch of umami.

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