Brisket and Croissant Collide at Flour & Weirdoughs

By Lizzie Takimoto | Jaclyn Warren


Lizzie Takimoto
Jaclyn Warren

At Flour & Weirdoughs, the only things finer than the pop culture references are the freshly milled organic grains. Bakers Renata Ferraro and Carlos Flores serve bread and viennoiserie in Key Biscayne, having assembled their own stone-ground flour mill for the freshest possible product. They take no shortcuts, and the proof is in, well, the proof. It’s Brisket B*tch! (full recipe here) is no exception. This 72-hour, croissant-Danish hybrid dough gets laminated and blanketed with Canadian-style brisket, a smothering of whole-grain mustard, and gooey, nutty provolone. Ferraro explains, “People kept asking for the ham and cheese croissant over and over and over, so finally, we were like, no, It’s Brisket B*tch!”

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