Innovator Awards at the 11th Annual Chefs Congress

As much as the International Chefs Congress is about the people, the talent, and the ideas, it would be nowhere without the products and the equipment that facilitate so much creativity. The StarChefs Innovator Awards, presented by MTucker, recognize companies who represent the vanguard of product innovation. This year, ICC presenters voted on vendors in three categories: Food and Beverage, Specialty Equipment, Tabletop and Smallwares. StarChefs also awarded two best-in-show vendors for their Customer Experience and Design.

This award recognizes any new technology that makes the lives of restaurant professionals easier and keeps them creating: Partender, the inventory and ordering app provides a shockingly simple interface that enables bartenders to do inventory in 15 minutes, saving time, money, and keeping them behind the bar making their customers happy.

Specialty Equiptment
These are the products that do the odd, unexpected, and ultra-important jobs in chefs' kitchens, the products you never knew you needed until you couldn't live without them: The Breville | PolyScience Control Freak induction system gives chefs more precise control over heat than ever before, extending the range of what is possible in the kitchen.

Food and Beverage
The company that brings the most exciting new product to the market—a product that stirs the imagination and excites the palate: The Flavoroll sweet pepper from Fresh Origins takes the taste of a fresh, sweet red pepper and multiplies its possibilities. Wrap, roll, dice, or chiffonade– nothing challenges its versatility.

Tabletop & Smallwares
From precise functionality to final presentation, these are the products and tools that allow for more delicate and precise manipulation: Steelite International’s Rene Osorio Wabi Sabi line of plateware. Drawing inspiration from the universe’s inherent imperfect nature, the simple porcelain shapes and reactive, eye-grabbing hand glazes provide chefs with a new canvas to present their work.

The design award recogzines the vendor with the most beautiful, functional, innovative design: Giovanni Rana’s booth, with the comfort of an Italian restaurant and pasta served in a carved out wheel of cheese to boot.

Customer Experience
The customer experience award recognizes the vendor who's space and experience draw attendees in and keep them coming back over the course of three days: Kikkonman, with their rotating gamut of some of the world’s top chefs cooking family meals for lucky attendees every day of the congress.

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