Game Changer Restaurant Week

StarChefs & S.Pellegrino have teamed up to celebrate these game changing chefs!
StarChefs & S.Pellegrino have teamed up to celebrate these game changing chefs!

StarChefs has partnered with S.Pellegrino to support and celebrate this special group of chefs who are boldly advancing, advocating, and supporting their local communities during these extraordinarily challenging times. Now more than ever, restaurants need us. Dine out (order in) and help us  #SupportRestaurants!

Each participating restaurant will showcase a game changing dish on their menu. Order it, post it on Instagram, and you'll be entered to win $200 off your next meal. All featured dishes will be served with a complimentary bottle of S.Pellegrino. You must tag @StarChefs and @SanPellegrino_US to be considered. 
Featured Chefs

Greg Baxtrom | Olmsted

Baxtrom takes his years of avant-garde training and adds in the spirit of a Brooklyn backyard. When COVID-19 hit, he operated Olmsted as a food bank and created a Black Entrepreneur Series, allowing aspiring Black chefs to use his kitchen as a base of operations. Baxtrom could have picked any city and any style of restaurant to make his own, and he chose to make a home for himself—and everyone else—in Brooklyn.

Featured Game Changing Dish:
Rutabaga Tagliatelle with Black Winter Truffles, Brown Butter Bits, and Fresh Herbs


Alan Delgado | Xilonen

Delgado reimagines Mexican food while preserving its cultural essence and soul. His dishes explode with traditional flavors,  but present with a modern twist—think chips and queso in the form of stracciatella with pistachio mole. Along with the Oxomoco team, Delgado is bringing his masterful grasp of flavor and technique to the much anticipated veg-forward, Xilonen.

Featured Game Changing Dish:
Carrot Tostada with Navy Beans, Carrot Top Salsa Verde, and Spiced Maple


Kevin Fink | Hestia

Fink sources products exclusive to the Southwest and operates a no-waste kitchen. And while his food—unfussy, fermented, upcycled, and freshly milled—reads geeky and austere, it strikes a comforting, emotional chord. Fink isn’t just changing how people think about food, he is proving that zero compromise principles are a viable, enviable business model.

Featured Game Changing Dish:
Diver Sea Scallops with Green Emmer Shoyu Glass, Beef Tallow, and Pink Lady Apple


Sarah Grueneberg | Monteverde

Grueneberg believes every great dish starts with an intimate awareness of the people and culture that inspired it. Traveling the world, she meets with local chefs and purveyors in an effort to understand and appreciate their regional cuisine. At Monteverde, she uses modern techniques to elevate traditional Italian dishes, infusing them with the global flavors inspired by her travels.

Featured Game Changing Dish:
Burrata e Ham with Rosemary Tigelle, Prosciutto di San Daniele, Apple Mostarda, and Arugula


Joe Johnson | Charcoal Venice

Johnson is a master of heat, flame, and smoke. He makes refined dishes that rely on wood fire and charcoal, from a spot-on swordfish fillet to possibly the best baked potato the world has ever known. Manipulating and optimizing texture and flavor along the way, Johnson plays on a higher technical level, honing a skill set that any chef would envy.

Featured Game Changing Dish:
Yukon Potato Baked in the Coals with Salted Butter, Crème Fraîche, Aged Gouda, and Chives


Edouardo Jordan | Salare

Despite his fine dining résumé, Jordan is not all truffles and caviar. He has an innate ability to bring decadence to dishes without relying on decadent ingredients. His plates are simple in concept, masterful in technique, and outrageous in flavor. Ever the mentor and a source of inspiration for Seattle, Jordan recently created a community kitchen for struggling restaurant workers, handing out meals and supplies to those in need.

Featured Game Changing Dish:
Spiced Lamb Tagine with Ras El Hanout, Sweet Potato, Cauliflower, Pickled Currants, Pistachios, and Couscous


Gabrielle Maeda | State Bird Provisions

As chef de cuisine in one of the most reputable kitchens in the country, Maeda is making a name for herself imbuing the State Bird menu with flavors from her native Honolulu and current San Francisco home. Her plates are bright, complex, and composed (think ohitashi with sunflower seed crema and black garlic ponzu). At State Bird, she has found a platform for her immense and diverse talent.

Featured Game Changing Dish:
Squash Mochi with Ricotta Salata, Lime-Ginger Vinaigrette, and Cilantro


Niven Patel | Ghee

Of any chef in South Florida, Patel arguably has the closest relationship with his ingredients. When not in the kitchen, he is most likely digging up produce on his two-acre farm dubbed “Rancho Patel” where he continues to push the envelope of farm-to-table cooking. At Ghee, his farm’s bounty is transformed into unfussy, home-style Indian dishes that exude intimacy and honesty.

Featured Game Changing Dish:
Crispy Cauliflower with Button Mushrooms, Roasted Red Pepper Sauce, Scallion, and Cilantro


Cassie Piuma | Sarma

Piuma leverages an arsenal of Middle Eastern ingredients and spices that few cooks understand. No detail is too small, no regional spice blend too obscure. Her food has a story—a passport stamped in Lebanon, Turkey, Morocco, Israel, Greece, and Massachusetts—and Piuma is going to tell it to a hungry national audience.

Featured Game Changing Dish:
Lebanese Chicken Wings with Tahini Hot Sauce, Peanut Dukkah, and Scallions


Angie Rito and Scott Tacinelli | Don Angie

Don Angie is New York Italian. Not the traditional Arthur Avenue variety,  but a red sauce that’s in constant, joyous flux - infusing elements from the melting pot of cultures that is NYC. Like Sinatras in the kitchen, Rito and Tacinelli have a knack for making hits: decadent, genius rolled lasagna; garlic-y chrysanthemum caesar; and sexy pimenton- and cilantro-studded sopressini. The couple is reinventing classic Italian American food with verve to match what’s on the plate.

Featured Game Changing Dish:
Sopressini with Smoked Mussels, Peroni, Pimenton and Cilantro Macho

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