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By D.J. Costantino | Alexa Bendek


D.J. Costantino
Alexa Bendek
Bastille Bagel Cocktail
Bastille Bagel Cocktail

It wasn’t a bagel that inspired Bartender Channing Centeno’s Bastille Bagel cocktail at Otis. He dipped a piece of Chef Scott Hawley’s everything-spice focaccia into barbecue sauce, and there you have it. For the cocktail sparked by a sneaky snack, Centeno infuses cognac with charred hickory wood chips and blends honey with sundried tomatoes. To these barbecue-y components, he adds dry curaƧao, Amaro Montenegro, lemon juice, an egg white, and two drops of everything bagel tincture. The tincture is a bumped-up saline solution with 8 percent salt and 8 percent everything bagel spice per 100 grams water. He garnishes the savory cocktail with a dehydrated lemon studded with more everything seasoning. As for the BBQ-dipped bread? It’s still not on the menu.

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