Dumplings and Elote Converge at Mokyo

By Amelia Schwartz | Will Blunt


Amelia Schwartz
Will Blunt
Chef Kyungmin "Kay" Hyun of Mokyo
Chef Kyungmin "Kay" Hyun of Mokyo

When all goes to hell, we lean on the foods that evoke a sense of nostalgia and sweet childhood memories. At Mokyo, Chef Kyungmin Kay Hyun’s small plates channel just that. Hyun seamlessly blends her Korean heritage with playful, globally inspired flavors. Take her dumplings. The delicate, steamed dumpling wrapper is reminiscent of a ravioli, stuffed with corn that’s smoked in grits and mixed with heavy cream.

“This idea comes from elote,” says Hyun. “I love Mexican food, so I made my own version of a dumpling with a Mexican feel.” It’s treated with a drizzle of truffle oil and a punchy salsa verde, balancing out the dumplings’ oh-so-rich stickiness. It’s all tied together with freshly shaved fennel and parmesan. One bite will send any diner back to sitting on a park bench with a face smothered in juicy, grilled corn, crema and queso fresco.

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