Dueling Pastas

By Joe Sevier | Clay Williams


Joe Sevier
Clay Williams
Chefs Mark & Eric Plescha with Sous Chef Jared Remer
Chefs Mark & Eric Plescha with Sous Chef Jared Remer

Mark and Eric Plescha make pastas with both vibrant flavor and radiant color. And they’re doing it in double. The Pleschas have a penchant for two-toned pasta dishes. For their menu at Charcoal BYOB, in Yardley, Pennsylvania, a luminous green arugula radiatori and an umber Castle Valley rye radiatori are combined and sauced with bacon bolognese and sous vide liquid egg yolk. An earthy, carrotorange casarecce and (okay, beige) horseradish casarecce are tossed together in coq au vin ragù—with the carrot pasta lending sweetness and the horseradish a piquant pop. The Pleschas also combine squid ink rigatoni with Calabrian chile rigatoni and smoked paprika shells with sauerkraut shells.

To achieve those eye-catching colors and embellished flavors, the Pleschas make an egg-free pasta dough—usually with semolina (except in the case of that rye radiatori)—and saturate it with highly concentrated liquids: carrot juice, blanched and puréed arugula, Crystal hot sauce, beet juice, cranberry purée, etc. They use the Arcobaleno AEX18 to extrude the pasta to its destined shape (they currently rotate between 20 dies) and toss the raw, complementary pastas together before service.

Get the recipe for The Pleschas' Coq au Vin with Carrot and Horseradish Casarecce here

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