Drop Those Tweezers and Infuse It

By D.J. Costantino


D.J. Costantino
Danny McDermott's Summer Martini at Longoven in Richmond.
Danny McDermott's Summer Martini at Longoven in Richmond.

You’re growing something back there, right? On the windowsill or the roof? Maybe they’re nasturtiums or bronze fennel, or just basil. And while your lovingly tended herbs and flowers can’t make it onto every plate, there is a way to max-out your garden’s impact on diners: by using them at the bar. At Longoven in Richmond, Barman Danny McDermott makes his home garden pay dividends for his beverage program. In his Summer Martini variation, Dolin dry gets a little R&R with papalo, bergamot herb, lavender flowers, and sage flowers for a week before straining. McDermott combines the now summer-ed vermouth with equal parts koji-infused Bloom Gin and a dash of Regan’s orange bitters for a clean, light, and complex martini variation. For fall, the Improved Genever combines Bols genever with sandiita cordial and roselle oil—the latter two elements made from botanicals persevered from an earlier harvest.

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