Dreamy Tacos

By Jaclyn Warren | Jaclyn Warren


Jaclyn Warren
Jaclyn Warren

At the edge of Ballard is a restaurant that embodies nostalgia. Chef and Owner Mitch Mayers of Sawyer is creating dishes that cater to people’s “base cravings.” He believes in the “power of food and memories” and evokes emotion through classic references, preparations, and presentations. Mayers’ menu features items such as ’nduja-pimento cheesy bread; a play on an everything bagel with cream cheese and lox using smoked salmon mousseline and tartare, everything-spice crisps, crème fraîche, pickles, capers, and onion; and a bowl of noodles with house udon, pastrami, bay shrimp, Chinese broccoli, mushrooms, and green onions inspired by take-out Chinese. You’ll likely be sated by the end of a meal at Sawyer, but then one phrase on the menu will have you doing a double take and reconsidering dessert: choco taco. Instead of frantically scrounging for quarters and dashing to the ice cream truck as its siren song slowly quiets in the distance, this choco taco comes to you. The flavor profile changes, but the chocolate-lined graham-waffle shell, peanut butter ice cream inside, and meringue topping we sampled was a delicious, craveworthy time machine.

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