Ralph Perrazzo's Business Tips

Chef Ralph Perrazzo

370 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215
(617) 536-7200


Perrazzo’s Practical Tips

Chef Ralph Perrazzo ended up paying about the equivalent of what one year of business school would have cost, and earned his own degree in the school of hard knocks. He has enough advice to fill a dozen articles, and he’s happy to dispense it.

  • “A lot of chefs are so sick of working for other people. And they have the talent, they have the drive, but they aren’t able to cover every angle. It’s not just about ‘Hey I’m a talented chef, you have money, let’s open a restaurant.’”

  • “You need to understand everything—from where your location is going to be to where your investor is from.”

  • “Get really personable. Have dinner with [your investor]; go to their family functions. Get to be like family to them.”

  • “You’re going to go through situations where you hate each other.”

  • “Try to cover every angle you can and put thought into what happens.”

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