Joe Isidori's Business Tips

Rising Star Chef Joe Isidori

Southfork Kitchen
203 Bridgehampton
Bridgehampton, New York


Chef Joe Isidori is a fountain of advice-nuggets passed down from his father, gleaned from the Donald, and sprung from his own experiences. Aspiring chef-owners, whether you’re negotiating a contract or nailing down terms of a lease, take notes:

  • “A chef doesn’t just have an apron and a knife in his hand. A chef needs to learn how to run numbers.”

  • “There’s a big difference between a chef who has worked in private businesses versus one who has worked for a big hotel group. The best is someone who has done both—that’s a lethal combination.”

  • “Make sure the investors and business owners are happy because those people will talk to others, and they’ll be the ones to fund your next deal.”

  • “Know what battles to fight. You don’t want to piss in the wind.”

  • “Negotiating is negotiating. You have to understand the product, the environment, and what you can and can’t do.”

  • “Keep it professional and stay up front and clear with everything and everyone. Every deal I’ve ever had, I’ve walked away clean.”

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