Chef Sarah Wade Builds Meatballs from the Ground Up

By Amelia Schwartz | Will Blunt


Amelia Schwartz
Will Blunt
Chef Sarah Wade of Stillwater
Chef Sarah Wade of Stillwater

The mandated closure of restaurants forced Stillwater Chef/Owner Sarah Wade to furlough the majority of her staff. This left Wade running Stillwater’s delivery and to-go program on her own. During the little time she spent cooking at home, she’d rely on her box of Walden Local Meat. The farm co-op delivers monthly collections of local meat, from ossobuco to ham hocks. But what really comes in handy is their assortment of ground meat.

Wade grabs ground pork, beef, veal—whatever’s in the freezer—for quick and easy meatballs. “I can always put a fun twist on [the meatballs],” says Wade. “I love ground lamb with feta and oregano, and buffalo chicken meatballs are always delicious.” She zhuzhes them up with white wine sauce, throws them over some rice, or eats them plain—whatever she has time for. Meatballs wait for no woman.

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