Los Angeles Knife & Shaker Award Winners Kim Stodel and Tristan Aitchison of Providence

Chef Tristan Aitchison and Bartender Kim Stodel
Chef Tristan Aitchison and Bartender Kim Stodel

StarChefs recognizes harmony between the kitchen and bar with the Knife & Shaker Award, presented by Bombay Sapphire. The award celebrates a chef-bartender duo that exemplifies collaboration and unity between front and back of house. 

The winning Bartender, Kim Stodel, prepared a bubbly, effervescent cocktail featuring leftover kimchi from Chef Tristan Aitchison's Prawn tartare, caviar, finger lime, daikon-apple kimchi, gold leaf, and prawn-basmati rice crackers.

“This cocktail is sweet and sour to complement the sweetness of the prawn and the sourness of kimchi, and it has some effervescence to highlight the bubbles of the caviar. Bombay Sapphire gin ties it together, along with the apple flavor from the kimchi liquid and the house kombucha. The garnish also comes from the Chef Tristan’s kimchi.” – Kim Stodel

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