Your 2019 Hospitality Horoscopes

By Nicole Leon @stellar.biology


Nicole Leon @stellar.biology
Need direction in 2019? Astrologer to the industry Nicole Leon shares her predictions for the year.
Need direction in 2019? Astrologer to the industry Nicole Leon shares her predictions for the year.

Your year starts off with a punch as your ruling planet Mars offers you the strength and stamina required to enact necessary upgrades for the new year. Saturn, the planet associated with astringent and bitter tastes, began its journey through your career house in 2018 and will continue through 2019. Approach your career goals with focus and restraint. Start taking a less-is-more approach that will become easier as the year unfolds. This is a stellar time to connect to a deeper foundation that will nurture and feed your creativity. It’s time to dig deep and return to your roots. Traveling to distant lands and exploring your culinary ancestry may be an access point to the magic of what this year has to offer.

Being a stabilizing earth sign, you are as reliable as gravity and consistent as your knife cuts. Change isn’t something that comes into your life easily. In 2019, the earth shattering planet Uranus will be shifting the ground from under your feet as it firmly establishes itself in your home sign for the next seven years. You may have glimpsed changes on the horizon beginning last May. These shifts will be taking place in your sense of identity, life direction, and purpose. Th is tectonic activity will initiate a necessary regenerative process from deep within. Th e planet related to solid foundations, Saturn, is positioned in the area of life related to higher education, travel, scholarship, publishing, and philosophy. You may experience a deep commitment to a philosophical path that supports the radical changes happening within your being. 2019 is the year to get serious and publish that cookbook. Jupiter, the planet of luck, will bring opportunities for investors and other beneficial forces that believe in your plans for the future.

Grappling with myriad ways of sharing and spreading ideas can be exhausting to the nervous system, even for a gemini. With Neptune, the planet of illusion and delusion, in your career house since 2012, there may be some confusion and fog in your path. The desire to reach people in service of a larger cause, versus self-interest, is a feature of your life at this time. You are involved in the long process of infusing more creativity and imagination into your cooking. Connecting to stories, myth, and fantasy will support you in deepening your journey. In 2019, you will revel in social activity as Jupiter, the planet of luck,is positioned in the area of your life dealing with partnerships—both personal and professional. This will stimulate you to think outside the box. Although social interactions will be beneficial, you’ll rely on your own resources more than ever, as what others can offer you on a material level will be restricted.

2019 will be a big year for you, as the coming eclipses will have a direct effect. Focus on yourself. The universe says it’s time for a major upgrade to your sense of self and path forward. Since 2018, Saturn has been reshaping your partnerships, removing those who no longer serve you and bringing those that will support you closer—for the long haul. Jupiter, your lucky planet for work, will make sure you are busy in 2019. All your hard work will pay off and the fruits of success will be worth all the labor.

This past 18 months have been full of life-changing events. Congrats, you made it! 2019 will be a fertile year for you and your creative projects as Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, dances through the parts of your life that bring you the most joy. But this year is not all fun and games, it will demand more discipline and hard work than ever. Saturn has anchored you in your daily work since 2018. The labor you put in will directly support your higher vision and professional goals. So even when the going gets tough, it will all be in service to the big picture.

You have been going through a deep reimagining of yourself since 2012, when you began your face-off with Neptune. It hasn’t been easy. Neptune likes to confuse and fog things up, while you like to analyze and deconstruct. Stay calm. The storm clouds will pass. In 2019, electric Uranus will begin its seven-year journey through the areas of your life touching publishing, long-distance travel, and education. Stay up to date with technology in your life. Jupiter will provide the Midas touch related to property, ancestry, and home. Being an earth sign, you love the idea of cultivating the land. This may be the year to buy that farm or build that rooftop garden. Fertility and prosperity are on the menu.

In 2019, the summer eclipses will be powerfully positioned in your life, harbinging momentous new beginnings in your career. A new vision for your future may even crystallize. Or you may advance to new heights in your established path. Saturn, the solar system’s bitter tonic, indicates contraction and redefinition in your root systems—home, property, and ancestry. There are weeds in your home garden that need pulling. Bitter flavors can be hard to stomach, but they’re the tough medicine that will provide effective cures. Jupiter will provide hope and optimism, especially concerning short distance journeys. Take some time off and explore locally—go foraging or try that new restaurant—to refuel your reserves of inspiration.

You may already sense that things are changing. In 2019, you’ll begin facing off long-term with the electrifying planet Uranus (until 2026). Your relationships, both personal and professional will be radically restructured. You’ll be attracted to the unconventional and demand greater independence within partnerships. Luck from Jupiter will be good for your finances—possibly involving a promotion. Saturn, the planet of constraints, will ask you to be more mindful during the banality of day-to-day routines, taking on a more sober and austere attitude. Make sure to focus and have discipline around the things that matter to you most, whether that’s cooking, building your team, or developing a new project.

It only happens every 12 years. In 2019, Jupiter comes home to Sagittarius. 2019 is going to be a BIG year for you. You’ll feel like yourself times 100. Opportunities will present themselves that allow you to express yourself and your vision. 2019 will be plentiful in many ways, but Saturn (as it has been since 2018) is limiting in your financial growth. As a result, you’ll redefine what is important and what you can live without. Surrender your sense of ownership over material things and open yourself up to sharing and receiving more from others.

Your planetary ruler, Saturn, enters Capricorn in 2019, instilling in you a strong sense of responsibility. Your struggle with identity will have clarity, and you’ll approach the new year with determination and unparalleled focus. With a clear sense of who you are and your place in the industry, you’ll shed the old identity as the year unfolds. That space will be filled by new partnerships. But the time you spend on your own will be the most gratifying. Consider traveling by yourself to a distant place, where you might pick up a new technique or explore new terroir. This will help clear your mind and prepare you for pending internal growth.

Say good riddance to 2018. Your sense of self and purpose will thank you. Though you may have felt stuck and frustrated, breathe easy in 2019. Those difficulties have passed. Lucky Jupiter will help you along your path, safeguarding your hopes and dreams. You’ll be aligned with allies and friends who will support you along the way. Saturn will grant you wisdom through challenges. Make sure to spend time in a deep contemplative space this year (away from the kitchen). It’s paramount that you take time to slow down and pay more attention to your well being.

Since 2012, the planet of illusion, Neptune, has been clogging up your sense of individuality. As a pisces, immersed in the deep open waters of the psyche, you naturally struggle with boundaries, and Neptune is not making it easier. In 2019, you must be intent upon finding clarity and a sense of grounding in order to navigate turbulence. Jupiter says this year will be an abundant one for your career. You may take on the role of a teacher, mentor, or leader. Don’t delay, staff is counting on you! The time to step up and share the hospitality wisdom you’ve gleaned is now. Saturn will make sure the people around you have your best interests at heart. It may be time for others to step out of your life.

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