2019 New York Rising Star Chef Trigg Brown of Win Son

2019 New York Rising Star Chef Trigg Brown of Win Son
January 2019

Win Son
159 Graham Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11206


As an English literature major at the University of Virginia, Trigg Brown always held a job on the side as a cook. During this time he met mentor and Chef Pei Jen Chang, a Chinese-American with family from Taiwan, while working in the kitchen at Keswick Hall and Golf Club. When Chang moved to work at local restaurant TEN Sushi, Brown followed, learning the techniques and flavors of Japanese cuisine.
Brown graduated in 2011 and moved to New York City to join the team at Colicchio & Sons. It was around this time that he met his current business partner Josh Ku at a barbecue in his apartment complex in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn. Although Ku, a Taiwanese-American, worked in property management and not in food, the two discovered a common love for Taiwanese cuisine. Brown kept in touch with Ku while continuing to work at other restaurants in Manhattan, including Tom Colicchio’s Craft and Justin Smilie’s Upland.
For years they tossed around the idea of opening a Taiwanese restaurant. Ku finally found the perfect space in East Williamsburg in 2015. Brown and Ku opened Win Son in 2016, named after Ku’s grandfather’s former textile company. Brown is careful to maintain the authenticity of the dishes while also adding a New American lens for discerning Brooklyn diners. The duo will soon open Win Star, a more casual cafe across across the street from wildly popular Win Son.