2016 South Florida Rising Star Mixologist Gui Jaroschy of The Broken Shaker

2016 South Florida Rising Star Mixologist Gui Jaroschy of The Broken Shaker
April 2016

The Broken Shaker
2727 Indian Creek Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33140



Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Gui Jaroschy had an early inclination toward food and drink. He took cooking classes at 6 and got his first restaurant gig at 18, but the oversized presence of the University of Texas lured him toward a more traditional track: a bachelor’s degree in anthropology.

Still harboring an affinity for all things food and beverage, Jaroschy made the leap to Miami. Instead of taking a club job, Jaroschy started bartending at South Beach’s Delano Hotel. At the Delano, he built a foundation in the classics, began to develop his signature style of culinary cocktails, and eventually was named director of bars.

In 2012, a mile north of the Delano, Elad Zvi and Gabriel Orta launched the Broken Shaker bar pop-up in the Indian Creek Hotel. The hotel soon transformed into the Freehand Hotel, and Broken Shaker became Miami’s premier cocktail destination. Jaroschy joined the team early on, tapping into the property’s garden to further spark his creativity. Growing with the group, Jaroschy took over as bar manager and helped launch Broken Shaker Chicago—work that landed him on Food & Wine’s 2015 “Best New Mixologists” list. In addition to his work at Broken Shaker, Jaroschy has consulted on menus for Ricochet Lounge, the Drunken Dragon, Kreepy Tiki, and British Airways.

Interview with South Florida Rising Star Bartender Gui Jaroschy of Broken Shaker

Caroline Hatchett: What’s your favorite bartending resource?
Gui Jaroschy:
Imbibe is always relevant and interesting. They do a great job. The PDT Cocktail Book by Jim Meehan is one I always go back to because it has both straightforward classics and fun originals that can both provide inspiration.

CH: What’s your favorite tool?
My Y-peeler attached to a retractable belt loop keychain. I feel naked without it behind the bar.

CH: What’s your favorite cocktail to drink?
The Manhattan is my favorite in its many forms. Just the right amount of boozy and flavorful and comforting. I kind of want one right now!

CH: What’s your favorite cocktail to make?
I like surprising people with interesting juleps and cobblers. There are so many ways you can go with them and so many presentations. I like to mix a cool assertive base spirit with a matching Sherry or Port and fruit or herb. 

CH: What’s the most underrated cocktail ingredient in your opinion?
Orgeat. I make a mean orgeat, and it’s crazy what half of an ounce of it in place of simple syrups does to a drink. Great texture, complex flavor.

CH: What cocktail trend would you most like to see?
I’d love to see low alcohol cocktails, aperitifs, etc. gain some popularity. I love Americanos, Vermouth and sodas, etc., and there are only a very small handful of bars pushing that style.

CH: What city’s cocktail scene would you most like to explore?
Copenhagen. I went to the Reykjavik Bar Summit last year, and the Scandinavian bar culture blew my mind. There’s super cool stuff happening there by some very sharp, very friendly people. I felt like they came from a totally unique perspective that values originality, sensibility, and hospitality. Those are three pretty awesome things to find in a bar.