2015 StarChefs.com Boston Rising Stars Gala Tasting Menu

2015 StarChefs.com Boston Rising Stars Gala Tasting Menu


Jason Bond of Bondir
Featured Dish: Dashi Gelée, Katsuobushi, Mikuni Gooseneck Barnacles, Seaweed, and Sakura

Nicholas Calias of Colonnade Hotel
Featured Dish: Australian Lamb Loin, Chickpeas, Olives, Brussels Sprouts, and Yogurt

Patrick Campbell of Café ArtScience
Featured Dish: Beef Carpaccio, Lobster, XO Sauce, and Truffles

Cara Chigazola of Oleana
Featured Dish: Bass, Turnip Brik, Brussels Sprouts, and Green Harissa

John daSilva of Spoke
Featured Dish: Harissa-spiced Australian Lamb Tartare

Matthew Delisle of L'Espalier
Featured Dish: Oysters, Bone Marrow, Hazelnut Oil, and Nori

Carl Dooley of Craigie on Main
Featured Dish: Veal-Goat Cheese Rillettes and Veal Jus Vinaigrette

Julio de Hara of Estragon
Featured Dish: Jamón Ibérico from Spain

Irene Li, Margaret Li, Andy Li, and Max Hull of Mei Mei Street Kitchen
Featured Dish: Honey-Walnut Shrimp

Cassie Piuma of Sarma
Featured Dish: Bluefish Falafel and Bibb Lettuce

Joshua Smith of New England Charcuterie
Featured Dish: Charcuterie Board featuring Sriracha Salami 



Renae Connolly of Café ArtScience
Featured Dish: Urfa-infused Valrhona Chocolate, Tangerines, and Sesame

Michael Daly of Four Seasons
Featured Dish: Chocolate-Almond Opera Cake

Rachel Sundet of Hungry Mother and State Park
Featured Dish: Butterscotch Custard and Cranberry-Sparkling Wine Granita


Lauren C. Daddona of L'Espalier
Pairings with winners' dishes

Joe Camper of Bar Boulud 
Pairings with winners' dishes

Ran Duan of Baldwin Bar
Featured Cocktail: Father's Advice: Rum, Cardamaro, Punt e Mes, Lustau Amontillado Sherry, and Giffard Crème de Banana and Orange 

Bryan Greenhagen of Mystic Brewery
Featured Beer: Renaud Farmhouse Saison

Naomi Levy of Eastern Standard
Featured Cocktail: Wilford Brimley: Irish Whiskey, Nardini, Oats, Lemon, Dried Fruit, and Cinnamon

Ezra Star of Drink
Featured Cocktail: La Frontera: Palo Cortado Sherry, Mezcal, Ginger Beer, and Cassis