2013 San Francisco Bay Area Rising Stars Evan Rich and Sarah Rich of

2013 San Francisco Bay Area Rising Stars Evan Rich and Sarah Rich of
June 2013

One thing in particular defines Sarah Rich’s earliest culinary memories: her adoration for Julia Child. She recalls pretending to be Child while making a milkshake, walking her audience of siblings through the process, step-by-Child-accented-step. But it was after she graduated from the University of Texas at Austin that the notion of cooking as a career began to take form. When Sarah stumbled upon the website for the French Culinary Institute, the light went on for good—she packed her bags and left the South for New York City.

After graduating from FCI in 2000, Sarah went directly to Bouley, where she had externed during her studies. It was here she met future husband Evan Rich, whose cooking career began with a car crash. At 15, Evan totaled his parents’ car and wound up working as a dishwasher to pay down the damages. With the taste of restaurant workings fresh in his mind, Evan headed to the Culinary Institute of America and graduated in 2000 before moving to Manhattan. He started out as a pastry assistant at the Austrian-inflected Danube and eventually worked his way to executive sous chef at Bouley. After their time together at Bouley, the couple continued to work in Manhattan for several years, Evan at the Japanese-focused Sumile and Sarah at Mas, Farmhouse.

In 2007, the duo was ready for a change and they headed out west, landing in San Francisco, where Sarah took a sous chef position at Michael Mina while Evan worked as chef de cuisine at Quince. They moved on together to Coi rounding out their skills and experience before opening their first venture together, Rich Table, in 2012.

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