Testimonials from the 6th Annual StarChefs.com International Chefs Congress

Testimonials from the 6th Annual StarChefs.com International Chefs Congress

Just had two of the greatest days of my professional career! THANK YOU!!!

– Master Sommelier Fred Dexheimer of Juiceman Consulting

Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful weekend you guys produced. Matt [Carter] and I enjoyed reconnecting with old friends and a few new ones as well. I appreciate all of your hard work that went into producing all of the events. Thank and see you guys soon!

Adam Schop of Nuela – New York, NY

Great Conference. I loved the presenters.  The Vitamix challenge was pretty rad.
—Chef Jamie Bissonnette of Toro – Boston, MA

I just wanted to take a second and thank you guys for everything this weekend. I have to say, being a part of, as well as attending, your event this year was such an experience. Being from Texas, we have always had a challenge of making great contacts. Having spent time in New York and other great cities of our nation, after being James Beard Foundation nominated for multiple years, being part of a JBF award winning chef's team, spending time in NYC doing JBF dinners, awards ceremonies, being on “Iron Chef Throwdown” with Bobby Flay, etc., I have never been part of an anything that has introduced me to so many great people, old friends, new faces, and now, long time contacts. Hats off for such a great event and organization! I am honored to have been included, thank you.

Furthermore, the one-on-one attention I received from all of you really made me and my crew feel welcome. It can be daunting to travel across the nation, sending food (that was destroyed by FedEx!), and cooking and presenting to a crowd of my peers and idols. Everyone, clearly, did all they could to make us feel comfortable and at home, in a city that is so far away from home. Antoinette, you must be proud of your people: Will, Jessica, Layla, and Caroline, showed us genuine concern and were as helpful and sincere as anyone I have ever encountered. Thanks for a great week!

... and the Diet Coke

– Pastry Chef Philip Speer of Uchi – Austin, TX

Thank you so much for inviting us. We had a great time. Thanks to the entire [StarChefs.com] staff—thank you for all the help and your hospitality.  For me personally, the interactive demo was the highlight. I met so many wonderful people.

Hope to see you soon in Sweden ... or elsewhere in the world.

– Chef Daniel Lindeberg of Franzén/Lindeberg – Stockholm, Sweden

The thanks go to you, for initiating and organizing this fantastic event for the last six years. As a professional, I look to attend as many events I can each year, and yours is particularly interesting since both savory and pastry chefs come to play. As an instructor from ICE, I relished the chance to work more closely with some of these chefs.

– Michelle Tampakis of the Institute for Culinary Education – New York, NY

Congratulations on the wonderful 2011 Congress! The Congress keeps getting more organized, more intriguing every year, and this year's theme the Sixth Sense seemed very inspiring to both presenters and the audience. I personally feel so proud of having this annual event in the United States that showcases the superior level of the American culinary community.

– Akiko Katayama of Senmon Ryori – Japan

Spent the last 36 Hours in NYC and came back with soooooo much inspiration.

– Harrison Keevil of Brookville Restaurant – Charlottesville, VA

Thank you for putting on another great Congress this year.

– Chris Ford of ButterLove&Hardwork.com – Washington, DC

I had a great time attending the ICC. Thank you so much for the great time in NY!

– 2007 Atlanta Rising Star Mihoko Obunai of Repast – Atlanta, GA

We had such a great time at StarChefs.com this year—talking with equipment vendors consumed most of my time, but the breakout sessions were also very exciting. I've known for some time that our long-term focus on working with local food is truly the future of restaurateur-ing in a way the interacts with communities in the most meaningful way, but seeing this emphasis at StarChefs.com made me realize that some of the stuff we’re doing could provide valuable insight to operating and marketing of a truly value-based restaurant.

– Kevin Kelpe of Save the Drinkers – Boise, ID