Blended Burger Battle at StarChefs Congress

Blended Burger Battle at StarChefs Congress

Congratulations to Chef Elizabeth Falkner, who took home the Blended Burger Battle championship belt with her Last Year at Marienbad Burger.

Presented by Kikkoman USA, Inc.

For the fourth year, StarChefs Congress attendees joined some of the country's best chefs in a battle royale on the main stage, presented by Kikkoman USA, Inc. This year's theme: Blended Burgers that will include least 25% mushrooms and any number of proteins—making America's favorite food healthier and more sustainable (and damn delicious). 
The Blended Burger Battle took place October 22 and 23 at the 13th Annual StarChefs International Chefs Congress. Teams were led by Burger Masters:
Jennifer Cox | Levy Restaurants |Chicago
Jason Dady | Jason Dady Restaurants | San Antonio
Elizabeth Falkner | Falk Yeah! Productions | New York
Richard Rosendale | Roots 657 | Leeburg, VA
Jehangir Mehta | Graffiti Earth | New York
The Battle was judged by a panel of industry judges including Alvin Cailan of "The Burger Show" and The Usual, Mitchell Davis of James Beard Foundation, Mackenzie Gibson of SONIC, Michael Lomonaco of Porter House, Mihoko Obunai of Mihoko’s Method and Shaun Brian Sells of Parcel 32. 
Judging is based on the following criteria: Composition, Craveability, Creativity (Wow Factor), Execution, and use of Kikkoman ingredients. Our floor judge will award two (2) bonus points for each of the following categories: working clean, overall teamwork, and leadership from the Burger Master.
General Competition Information

The Burger Masters and their teams will prepare signature Blended Burgers from randomly selected proteins and their choice of cultivated mushrooms. The burgers must contain at least 25% mushrooms and two Kikkoman products. All sauces, condiments, and accoutrements must be made from scratch.

Day 1 - Prep Day
Burger Masters and their teams will meet for a two and a half hour prep period. You'll grind, chop, make sauces, and prepare mise for 250 portions (70ish burgers). Burger Masters will coach and assist and lead attendees through a training exercise. Get ready! 

Day 2 - The Competition
Behind the scenes, teams will prepare burgers for fellow Congress attendees. When the battle begins on the main stage, teams will prepare seven burgers for the panel of judges. In a 10 minute window, teams must grind the meat, form the patties, cook the burgers, and assemble the final product. Burger masters will be hands off—it's your time to shine.