2017 New York City Rising Stars Tasting Menu

2017 New York City Rising Stars Tasting Menu



Greg Baxtrom of Olmsted
Radish Top Gazpacho, Trout Roe, and Lemon Balm

Aaron Bludorn of Cafe Boulud
Smoked Ora King Salmon, Sturia Caviar, Fennel, Caraway Seed, Mustard, and Dill

Suzanne Cupps of Untitled
Carrots, Chicken Liver Mousse, and Pickled Cabbage

Angela Dimayuga of Mission Chinese
Clams, Cockles, and Black Bean Sauce

Ham & Sohla El-Wallyl of Hail Mary
Duck, Egyptian Dirty Rice, and Spicy Tomato Sauce

Adam Geringer-Dunn and Vincent Milburn of Greenpoint Fish & Lobster
Oyster, Cured Salmon Roe, and Ponzu

Emily & Matt Hyland of Emmy Squared
Colony² Pizza: Pepperoni, Pickled Chile, and Honey

Joe Isidori of Black Tap
Wagyu Burger and Buttermilk-Dill Dressing

Jon Nodler of High Street on Hudson
Seaweed Bucatini, 'Nduja, and Mussels

Junghyun Park of Atoboy
Sunchoke, Oyster Mushroom, Black Truffle, and Orange

Erik Ramirez of Llama Inn
Quinoa, Banana, Avocado, Bacon, and Cashew

Jaime Young of Sunday in Brooklyn
Cod Pastrami, Pickles, and Sourdough

Osvaldo Garrido of Capitale
Braised Short Rib, Mashed Potatoes, and Baby Roasted Vegetables


Diane Apostolacus of Capitale
Mango-White Chocolate Cheesecake

Anna Bolz of Per Se
Grapefruit Sorbet, Buddha's Hand, Pomegranate, and Violet

Lisa Mendelson, Monica Molenaar, and Rachel Simons of Seed & MIll
Goat's Milk-Tahini Soft-Serve Ice Cream

Fabian von Hauske of Contra & Wildair
Buckwheat Mousse, Puffed Grains, Chocolate, Yogurt, and Coffee


Daniel Acosta of LIC Beer Project
Ardent Core Farmhouse Ale

Daniel Beedle of Indian Accent
Pairings with the winners' dishes

Joshua Boissy & Kristof Zizka of Maison Premiere and Sauvage
Salers, Aveze, Lemon, St. Germain, and Maurin Quina

Andrea Morris of Nix
Pairings with the winners' dishes

César Martin Vega of Café Integral
Nicaraguan Pacamara Nitro Cold Brew & Pour Over

Jesse Vida of BlackTail
Vodka and Celery

Masa Urushido of Saxon + Parole
Cup O' Punch: Rum Eximo Facundo, Applejack, Hojicha Green Tea, Milk, Lemon Juice, Maple Sugar, Roasted Pumpkin, Nutmeg, and Pepitas