2014 Coastal New England Rising Star Chef Patrick Soucy of Ceia Kitchen + Bar

2014 Coastal New England Rising Star Chef Patrick Soucy of Ceia Kitchen + Bar
April 2014

Patrick Soucy is a farmer’s chef: he tends his own garden, harvesting produce that goes almost directly to the plate, and routinely wades deep into the fields of nearby farms for his ingredients. He also keeps a root cellar and curing room in his basement and knows what to plant, when, and where. His familiarity with growing and fishing seasons reveals his abiding respect for the passion and labors of farmers and fishermen.

With more than 20 years of industry experience, Soucy has cooked his way across coastal New Hampshire and Massachusetts at restaurants such as The Green Monkey, Not Your Average Joe’s, and Michael’s Harborside. Now at the helm of Ceia Kitchen + Bar in Newburyport, Massachusetts, Soucy has a loyal audience who deeply appreciate his work, holistic approach, and honest food. Even with a slew of regional awards, and an invitation to cook at the James Beard House, Soucy stays close to his roots—and their potential and product.

Interview with Coastal New England Rising Star Chef Patrick Soucy of Ceia + Bar – Newburyport, MA

Antoinette Bruno: What is your favorite tool? 
Patrick Soucy: A pressure Cooker, hands down.

AB: What tool do you wish you had?
PS: A centrifuge.

AB: What is your favorite cookbook?
PS: That's like picking your favorite child! If I had to choose, it would be Eleven Madison Park: The Cookbook  by Daniel Humm, Will Guidara, and Francesco Tonelli.

AB: Do you have a favorite food resource?
PS: When I need inspiration, I take a walk in the woods. I consider it my outdoor office, with no phones or email. It’s best just after a light rain, when it’s about 75 degrees—comfortable but not too hot or cold. All is quiet and the scent of rich earthy porcini is in the air. The peacefulness and clean air is great for thinking and recharging. When the weather isn’t cooperative or I don’t have that kind of time, I take out The New James Beard Cookbook. It's a great reference and learning tool.

AB: What is your most important kitchen rule?
PS: Cook it like you grew it yourself.

AB: What’s your favorite restaurant off the beaten path? What are your favorite dishes?
PS: Shio Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar, Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It’s truly authentic Japanese, in a sketchy little strip mall. When we go, I always order their Chicken Skin Yakitori- Miso Baked Eggplant & Pickled Mackerel, washed down with ice-cold, unfiltered Saki.

AB: What is your favorite dish you have ever made?
PS: My Grandmother’s Pasta Fagioli.

AB: Where do you most want to go for culinary travel? Why?
PS: Emilia-Romagna. I believe it will change my life and culinary thought process.

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