D.C. Decanted

Somm Swag in D.C.

There’s a thriving wine culture in the nation’s capital. Somms in D.C. are building bold, dynamic wine programs, and they’re doing it with style.

FOH Porcelain

Extraordinary impact on an ordinary budget.

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Somm City, U.S.A.

By Mary Choi and Korakot Suriya-arporn

Wine loving Washingtonians rejoice as talented, ambitious sommeliers flock to and flourish in D.C.

Top Five D.C. Cocktails

By Joe Sevier

D.C. cocktails had us spinning as we imbibed across the district, sipping riffs on time-tested classics. Here are our picks for D.C.'s top five drinks.

Something New with Cold Brew

By Dan Catinella

The final days of the iced coffee season may have filtered right through our fingers, but Roaster Chris Vigilante of Vigilante Coffee Company is still at work serving customers a slight (smart) twist on a (c)old technique.

Proud to Serve All American

By Sean Kenniff with Chris Struck

What are the major challenges of selling from an all American wine list? There are none, according to Sommelier Nadine Brown of Washington, D.C.’s Charlie Palmer Steak.

Top Pairs: Pairing from the Fringe in D.C.

By Emily Bell with Chris Struck

D.C. somms are trading the rare and expensive for the quirky and esoteric, putting themselves, their histories—their very somm DNA—onto pages that used to be dominated by impersonal propriety.

2014 StarChefs Washington, D.C. Area Rising Stars

Here's your last chance to buy tickets before the D.C. Area Rising Stars Tasting Gala on Tuesday, December 16th!

Fresh Origins

The very best MicroGreens, PetiteGreens, Edible Flowers, Herb Crystals and Flower Crystals

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Executive Chef / Delaware North Companies
Location: Boston, MA
Position: Executive Chef
Start Date: Negotiable
Compensation: $50-59,000Click to Learn More
Executive Chef / Fox Restaurant Concepts
Location: Tempe, AZ
Position: Executive Chef
Start Date: Immediate
Compensation: $76-100,000Click to Learn More
Sous Chef / Island Lava Java
Location: Kailua-Kona, HI
Position: Sous Chef
Start Date: Negotiable
Compensation: $50-59,000Click to Learn More
Sous Chef / The Mill Kitchen and Bar
Location: Atlanta, GA
Position: Sous Chef
Start Date: Immediate
Compensation: $30-39,000Click to Learn More
Executive Chef / The Alfus Group
Location: Chicago, IL
Position: Executive Chef
Start Date: Negotiable
Compensation: over $100,000Click to Learn More
BOH Staff / Aon Hewitt
Location: Tampa, FL
Position: Cook
Start Date: Match Any
Compensation: Match AnyClick to Learn More
Sous Chef / The University of Vermont Medical Center
Location: Burlington, VT
Position: Sous Chef
Start Date: Negotiable
Compensation: NegotiableClick to Learn More
Demi Chef de Partie / Pebble Beach Resorts
Location: Pebble Beach, CA
Position: Demi Chef de Partie
Start Date: Immediate
Compensation: HourlyClick to Learn More
Assistant Professor / Grand Rapids Community College
Location: Grand Rapids, MI
Position: Assistant Professor
Start Date: Autumn
Compensation: $60-75,000Click to Learn More
Director of Preservation / Foodshed
Location: Baltimore, MD
Position: Director of Preservation
Start Date: Immediate
Compensation: Commensurate with ExperienceClick to Learn More

Southern Belle Imperial Brown Ale

Brewer Mike McGarvey of 3 Stars Brewing Company

At 3 Stars Brewing Company, Brewers Mike McGarvey and Dave Coleman bring the Southern flavors to their ale by infusing toasted pecans. The result? Light, palatable belle with chocolate and toffee notes and a well-disguised tannic finish.

Winston Industries

Thaw, proof, hold, poach, braise, roast, bake, steam, confit, and sous vide with the CVap Pod.

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