Tyson Cole and Jessica Dupuy
Uchi: The Cookbook
Feb 2011
Umaso Publishing
What’s really important for Chef Tyson Cole and Jessica Dupuy is that Americans stop eating sushi like “assholes.” That means enough with the Spicy Tuna Rolls, enough with drowning the rice in soy sauce, and enough with putting up with the pre-sliced, day-old stuff that wouldn't pass in Japan. Uchi prepares chefs for a more sophisticated generation of sushi makers and sushi eaters. Cole first comprehensively demystifies the components—from kimchi to lily water—that serve as building blocks of recipes to follow. Cole’s recipes are drawn from his experience at Bond St. in New York and Uchi in Austin, his creations are understated and adult. And for the insistent "ahems," there’s even a conciliatory crunchy tuna roll. Pastry Chef Philip Speer's desserts end the book on a sweet note, tinged with the aroma of smoke.
Dede Wilson
Unforgettable Desserts: More Than 140 Memorable Dessert Recipes for All Year Round
Oct 2009
Wiley Publishing

Despite the obvious pun, dessert is not something to be trifled with, argues Dede Wilson, author of this ode to sweet indulgences. Too often dessert is seen as a mere culinary addendum, an after-dinner option for diners with a penchant for sugar. But dessert, done right, is complex, a culinary entity unto itself, deserving of careful preparation and unforgettable presentation. “The flavors should unfold in our mouths,” says Wilson, arguing for greater sophistication – resulting in greater satisfaction – for desserts. In this gorgeously illustrated cookbook, Wilson offers an array of dessert recipes that span the gamut, from the sumptuously simple “Classic Shortbread” to the layered “Cassata with Chocolate, Cherries, Orange, and Almonds.” Wilson breaks down the basics from techniques and equipment to fundamental pastry recipes, even providing a chart on chocolate types and tips for oven placement, all designed to put control of the process firmly into the baker’s hands. Uniting the recipes is Wilson’s above-and-beyond approach, which is accessible to new bakers but just as handy for pastry chefs looking to take their desserts to the level of the unforgettable.

Thomas Keller
Under Pressure: Cooking Sous Vide
Nov 2008

One small step for Thomas Keller…one great leap for sous vide. With Under Pressure, Keller has made a compelling—and very pretty!—case for the technique which continues to be misunderstood by chefs and diners across the country. A joint effort by Keller and acclaimed chefs Jonathan Benno, Corey Lee, and Sebastien Rouxel, Under Pressure details the whys and hows of sous vide (one of the preferred cooking methods at The French Laundry, Bouchon and Per Se) and charts a detailed list of foods that will and will not benefit from the technique. Not to mention Deborah Jones’ lush, high-contrast photographs of vacuum-packed foods, raw ingredient shots, and exquisitely plated dishes are high-art visions that stand alone. Keller’s thorough examination of sous vide cooking coupled with his status as an icon of American cuisine legitimizes this modern technique and makes this the definitive treatise on the subject.

Ultimate Liquor-Free Drink Guide : More than 325 Drinks with No Buzz, but Plenty of Pizzazz!
Jan 2002
Broadway Books

From the author of Ultimate A-to-Z Bar Guide comes this all-encompassing guide to every kind of non-alcoholic drink.
The most complete book of its kind, The Ultimate Liquor-Free Drink Guide offers a refreshing oasis for the millions of readers who prefer zero proof but are tired of being relegated to seltzer and lime. In her thorough, accessible style, Sharon Tyler Herbst presents a delicious array of beverage alternatives, covering 325 non-alcoholic drinks with authority and verve.

Featuring tips on glassware, measurements, and ingredients, The Ultimate Liquor-Free Drink Guide gives readers every detail they need to know for mixing perfect drinks year-round. In winter months, snuggle up with homemade egg-nog, Hot White Chocolate, or Spiced Cream Tea. Warmer weather invites Watermelon Whirl, trendy Bubble Tea, Iced Cafe Creme Brulee, as well as a host of spritzers, shakes, and ades. Herbst even includes a chapter on energizing nutrition boosters. Virgin versions of popular bar drinks are covered, ranging from zesty Sangrita to soothing Mint Julep Tea. For anyone seeking a boost without the booze, there's never been a better book.

Mark Pendergrast
Uncommon Grounds: The History of Coffee and How It Transformed the World
Apr 2000
Basic Books

The first comprehensive and social history of coffee, which describes how coffee has dominated and molded the economies, politics and social structures of entire countries. Pendergrast's scrupulously researched and lively anecdotal history provides a window thorough which to view broader themes of modern-day media and marketing, the rise of mass production, colonialism, women's issues and international commodity schemes.

Sheila Lukins
USA Cookbook
Jan 1997
Workman Publishing Company, Inc.

A great, friendly, indispensable patchwork of a book, the U.S.A. Cookbook has Sheila Lukins rediscovering, heralding, transforming, and celebrating American cooking. The author of the All Around the World Cookbook now turns to her greatest love--American food--in 600 recipes that range from the sophisticated to the informal.