Kurt Gutenbrunner
Neue Cuisine: The Elegant Taste of Vienna
Oct 2011

“What I wanted was my own interpretation of the cooking I had grown up with—a neue cuisine that was half Mozart, half Lou Reed.” How apt that Kurt Gutenbrunner introduces his inspiration this way, a Viennese-American combination of Mozart’s sublimely perfected genius and musician Lou Reed’s free-form inspiration. Not only does it reflect the chef’s cuisine, it sets up the mood and tone of the cookbook. From the artistic freedoms of the Vienna Secession to the nightlife culture of cabaret, Austria is a land of artistic and cultural interdependencies. And every page of Gutenbrunner’s cookbook is a reflection, a culinary manifestation of classically Viennese cosmopolitanism. An introduction on turn-of-the-century Vienna, “the City of Dreams,” covers everything from art and architecture to the culture of coffee houses and the birth of psychoanalysis. And the cultural inclusions don’t end there. Recipes for the chef’s elegant updates on traditional Austrian cuisine (“Fresh Morels with Sherry and Semolina Dumplings” and “Pheasant Roasted in Salt Dough a la Heinz Winkler”) are interspersed with paintings by Gustav Klimt, photos of the chef in boyhood, and meditations on classic Austrian ingredients.

Alice Feiring
Naked Wine: Letting Grapes Do What Comes Naturally
Aug 2011
Da Capo Press
Fearlessly taking on the wine industry in her quest to find and make “natural” wine, Alice Feiring’s casual voice makes an educational tome of a contentious subject seem like a conversation among friends. Even the word “natural” is embattled, as some wines are organic, biodynamic, or somewhere in between. But Feiring lays it out, deriding the use of micro oxygenation, reverse osmosis, and teabags of oak sawdust and instead seeking out winemakers using natural yeasts and truly terroir-ific wines. She explains the groundwork and the groundbreakers at the forefront of “naked” winemaking, helping her reader navigate the murky, provocative subject with clarity of focus and integrity of purpose. A great writer takes you along for the ride, and Feiring’s journey around the world feels like traveling. But keep a (natural) wine bottle handy; her tasting notes will make you thirsty. And have a pen handy—you’ll want to underline a slew of new, naked wines to add to your typically clothed collection.
Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas with Dave Beran, Photography by Christina Seel
Next Restaurant: Paris 1906
Jan 2011
Achatz LLC

It’s apt that the same year that saw the original, unabridged translation of the Guide Culinaire also saw the publication of Next Restaurant: Paris 1906—the wireless, cyber-bound, great culinary grandson of Escoffier’s original. The first in the “near-real-time” documentation of Next Restaurant’s time-and-taste jumping menu publications, Paris 1906 presents both the rationale for their starting point and the extensive, elegant menu that made up their first three-month culinary tour, courtesy of Executive Chef Dave Beran. "By starting Next in Paris in 1906, we honored one of the greatest chefs of all time," says Achatz, "and in the process showed … just how far—or not—cooking has evolved in the last 100 years.” Recipes give reference numbers, so you can check back to Escoffier’s originals [“Potage a la Tortue Claire,” (907); “Bombe Ceylan” (4826)]. But unlike Achatz et alia, Escoffier was scant on instruction, not to mention void on visuals, which are presented here in full, color-rich, iPad perfection. Photos showcase Beran’s modern aesthetic updates on the French classics—Next tends to plate where Escoffier buffets—and give readers a peek into the cobalt blue, industrial-chic, visually spare jumping-off platform that is the Next restaurant space. At a radically affordable $4.99, it’s an easy addition to your iBook shelf. Just leave room for the next Next, coming soon to an iPAD near you.

René Redzepi
Noma: Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine
Oct 2010
Phaidon Press

Some restaurants trade on more than providing food—they provide an experience. When a cookbook bears the name of such a restaurant that cookbook has a lot to live up to. Noma: Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine does not miss the mark. Head Chef René Redzepi has created new flavor profiles within locavore cuisine by focusing in on solely Nordic ingredients. The beauty of his cookbook is that the same attention paid to the process of creating this cuisine is paid to the dishes themselves. Redzepi's journal published alongside the recipes give meaning to the gorgeous plating techniques of culinary feats. You come to understand that for Redzepi, it’s not just technique, it’s an act of love. As is the book; with its bold style, evocative photography, and awe-inspiring recipes, the second Noma Cookbook begs for a place on your bookshelf.

Albert Adria
Natura: elBulli Desserts
Oct 2009

Natura features portraits of organic, otherworldly pastry landscapes, works of textural and visual art created by former elBulli pastry chef Albert Adrià. Starting with Snow cristal, created in 2003 to honor visiting Japanese restaurateurs the Hishidas, Adria has compiled years of creativity into this homage to the craft of pastry. “It is not my intention for Natura to be a style or line of work for professionals to find inspiration in,” says Adrià in the book’s afterword. “My only aim,” he insists, “is to show the beauty of this trade.” But inspiration seems inevitable when perusing the pages of Natura, with its detailed, close-up photographs of Adrià’s freeform, nature-mimicking creations. Composed in the catalogue style of the elBulli yearbook, Natura focuses on 49 desserts—or morphs, as they are called at elBulli—born out of Adrià’s unchained, fertile imagination. A DVD contains recipes for every morph and in the afterword Adrià describes his experience with the main techniques. Whether he’s using dehydrated egg powder and a “minted” water cloud to make an ethereal “moss” or cocoa streusel powder to coat and flavor plain cookie crumbs for a vividly realistic “volcanic earth,” Adrià pushes the boundaries of pastry texture, flavor, and composition. Natura at once celebrates and exemplifies the unbounded potential of the craft of pastry.

Marcus Samuelsson
New American Table
Oct 2009
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Perhaps no one has better captured the multifaceted American culinary landscape than Marcus Samuelsson in his latest cookbook. New American Table, besides being a compendium of eclectic recipes that range from the home style rustic to the conceptually sophisticated, presents a snapshot of the country in all its variegated culinary glory. Samuelsson brings the wisdom of a well traveled palate to his adopted homeland, where his vigorous enthusiasm takes him from coast to coast in celebration of the nation’s multi-ethnic, patchwork cuisine. Recipes for Szechuan-Roasted Cornish Hen, Jerk Spiced Catfish, and Doro W’et showcase the dynamic of family traditions, local ingredients, and immigrant influences that permeate the American palate. As much a celebration of the people behind the food as the food itself, New American Table speaks in a unified voice for the country’s many kitchens, affirming the undeniable openness, versatility, and freedom of the American culinary landscape.

Mark Peel with Martha Rose Shulman
New Classic Family Dinners: More than 200 Everday Recipes and Menus from the Award-Winning Campanile Restaurant
Oct 2009
Wiley Publishing

Chef Mark Peel of the renowned Campanile Restaurant brings his Monday Night Family Dinners – and the overall spirit of Campanile cooking - into the home kitchen. Selecting from the most popular of his family dinner menus, Chef Peel has assembled a collection of over 200 recipes ranging in flavor and style that faithfully distill the essence of the restaurant’s beloved cuisine. Ravioli, breading, and pesto techniques are photographed step by step, guiding any first-time efforts through uncharted culinary waters. Chef Peel pays such attention to detail in deceivingly conventional recipes like veal piccata and steak bordelaise that they actually elevate home cooking to the level of restaurant sophistication. Even classics like macaroni and cheese take on layers of complexity and flavor that are typically found in a restaurant, not the home kitchen. What Chef Peel offers is not a dumbing-down of restaurant recipes, however, but an effective translation, bringing the rustic sophistication of Campanile cuisine to the home kitchen, quite possibly one near you.

Cernelli, Daniele and Sabellico, Marco
New Italy : A Complete Guide to Contemporary Italian Wine
Mar 2008
Mitchel Beazley

Give a toast to the best, most up-to-date, and beautifully photographed reference on Italian wines! The New Italy explores every signifcant development in the country's wine scene, widely considered one of the world's most complex. It gives readers a comprehensive and thorough look at all the country's key wine types, from Barolo, Chianti, and Montepulciano to Sangiovese and the champagne-like sparkling Prosecco. An introduction to Italy's wine styles and winemaking methods is followed by a region-by-region tour of vineyards, from Piedmont in the north to Calabria in the south. Full-color specially commissioned maps, details of the appellations and grape varieties, background on climate and geography, and profles of the leading producers round out this lively portrait.

Anthony Bourdain
No Reservations
Oct 2007

With No Reservations, itinerant-foodie-extraordinaire and charmingly churlish cultural commentator Anthony Bourdain serves up a surprisingly intimate journal of his culinary travels around the world. The book, which accompanies the eponymous and wildly successful television show, juxtaposes the breathtaking and the familiar, with photographs of the exotic and extraordinary alongside shots of cast and crew captured between takes in filming. Bourdain provides pithy descriptions and eloquent recollections (delicately laced with his characteristic wit) of every destination, from Java to Sicily to Namibia. Crackling with humor and raw, popping visuals, No Reservations is a testament to the admixture of reverent fascination and plain-spoken honesty that characterizes Bourdain and company as they take on the privilege, and responsibility, of imparting some small part of the world’s culinary and cultural riches to the rest of us, miserably homebound and hungry.

William Echikson
Noble Rot : A Bordeaux Wine Revolution
May 2004
Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc.

Noble Rot introduces us to the figures who epitomize the changes sweeping Bordeaux: the noble family behind Château d'Yquem engaged in a soap-opera feud; a stonemason turned winemaker whose wine, made in a garage, sells for $100 a bottle; the Maryland-based critic Robert Parker, whose opinion routinely makes or breaks a wine; and the New World operations that have used branding to undercut Bordeaux's supremacy. It also delves into the mysteries of the legendary classification of 1855: how it became the bible of Bordeaux, and how it was at last successfully challenged.

Zagat Survey
New York City Nightlife 2004/2005
Apr 2004
Zagat Survey

What lies beyond the velvet ropes of New York City's most exclusive nightspots? What's the hottest dance club of the moment, the best place to taken an important client for a drink, the most romantic choice for popping the question? You'll find all that information, plus much more, in this Zagat Survey of New York City Nightlife, from the publishers of the country's best-selling restaurant guides. Based on the opinions of over 5,000 in-the-know night crawlers, this guide takes you on an insider's tour of the City That Never Sleeps, rating and reviewing over 1,100 establishments and offering practical indexes to help you make the right choice for any occasion.

Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page
New American Chef : Bringing Home the Best of Food and Flavor from Around the World
Oct 2003
Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated

2004 IACP Award Nominee for Chefs and Restaurants Category; Today’s professional chefs have the world to use as their pantry and draw freely on a global palette of flavors. Now Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page bring together some of the foremost culinary authorities to reveal how to use different flavors and techniques to create a new level of culinary artistry. Mario Batali, Daniel Boulud, Alain Ducasse, Paula Wolfert, and many others share the foundations of ten influential cuisines:

Gillian Duffy
New York Cooks : The 100 Best Recipes from New York Magazine
Oct 2003
Abrams,Harry N Inc

2004 IACP Award Nominee for Compilations Category; Every year, New York magazine publishes two definitive guides to entertaining-one for summer, one for the holidays. New York Cooks collects the best recipes from these issues, showcasing the creations of the city's greatest chefs. Their mouth-watering dishes can be easily made at home-they've all been tested-without spending the whole day in the kitchen.

Felipe Fernandez-Armesto
Near A Thousand Tables : A History of Food
Sep 2003
Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group

2003 IACP Award Winner! Literary Category; Because cuisine is a--perhaps the--defining characterization of culture, Near A Thousand Tables, is a sampler of civilization; because we meet our environment most intimately when we eat, this is an exploration in historical ecology. Because cooks were the first chemist, this is a history of science. Above all, perhaps, because food is universally appealing and irresistibly topical, this is unashamedly a book of human pleasures.

Zagat Survey
New York City Marketplace 2004
Jun 2003
Zagat Survey

2004 New York City Marketplace is packed with ratings and reviews of New York City's best food and entertaining resources. Rating everything from bagel shops to beer specialists, caterers to cake decorators, prepared food places to pasta purveyors, this guide includes nearly 1,300 establishments, more than 60 lists and indexes and a bonus section for party sites.

Sara Perry
New Complete Coffee Book, Revised : A Gourmet Guide to Buying, Brewing, and Cooking; Revised and Updated
Apr 2003
Chronicle Books LLC

Now with a fresh new cover, the New Complete Coffee Book is filled to the brim on the world's favorite beverage. Covering the latest in the coffee craze, it includes dozens of recipes for every coffee drink imaginable, from the sternly efficient Espresso (the rocket fuel of coffees) to the indulgent Cappuccino Borgia Milkshake.

Fred and Linda Griffith
Nuts : 200 Recipes from Around the World that Feature Nature's Perfect Ingredient
Apr 2003
St. Martin's Press

2004 IACP Award Nominee for Single Subject Category; James Beard Award-winning cookbook authors Linda and Fred Griffith have traveled the world collecting recipes that use nuts. Nutritious, flavorful, and satisfying, these recipes cover all courses and range from casual to sophisticated. They include Roasted Sweet Potato Soup with Walnut Relish, Thai Shrimp Noodle Salad with Peanut Sauce, Nucci's Chestnut Gnocchi, Peppered Pistachio-Crusted Leg of Lamb, Risotto with Prosciutto, Parmesan and Walnuts, Chocolate Black Walnut Pie, and many more.

Norman Van Aken
New World Kitchen: Latin American and Caribbean Cuisine
Mar 2003
HarperCollins Publishers

Maria Villegas reveals the last secret of professional food writers and photographers: the direct link between sensation and presentation. Put plainly, the colors of the foods on the table actually affect their taste. Each of the color sections in the book (yellow, green, beige, red, and white) includes a spectrum of recipes from appetizers to entrees, soups, and desserts all in the color "family." The menus here include more than 80 main dishes and 60 complementary dishes which can be grouped in different combinations.

Rafael Palomino and Arlen Gargagliano
Nueva Salsa : Recipes to Spice it Up
Mar 2003
Chronicle Books LLC

Believe it or not, salsa beats ketchup as the number 1 condiment. It's number 1 for flavor, variety, and spice, too. And salsas are fast and easy to make at home. Nueva Salsa offers over 60 irresistible ways to get those taste buds dancing, from traditional, tomato-based versions such as Roasted Poblano Chiles, Tomato and Avocado to Asian-inspired salsas such as Kimchee and Mango.

Douglass Rodriguez
Nuevo Latino: Recipes That Celebrate the New Latin American Cuisine
May 2002
Ten Speed Press

Prepare to be seduced by this collection of dynamic recipes from the nationally acclaimed cuisine of award-winning chef Douglas Rodriguez. Dubbed "Nuevo Latino," at his fabulously popular Manhattan restaurant "Patria," Rodriguez's cuisine celebrates unexplored ingredients and weaves a tapestry of flavors from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Nobuyuki Matsuhisa
Nobu : The Cookbook
Sep 2001
Kodansha Amer Inc

Nobu Matsuhisa needs little introduction. With his multinational and ever expanding empire of 13 restaurants in the United States, Italy, France and Japan he has become the most talked-about restaurateur of recent years and arguably the world's greatest sushi chef. In Nobu: The Cookbook–his first cookbook in any language–Nobu reveals the secrets to his food and indeed the essence of all Japanese cuisine: the art of using very simple techniques to bring out the latent flavors in the very best ingredients that the world's seas have to offer.

Sara Perry
New Tea Book : A Guide to Black, Green, Herbal and Chai Teas
Aug 2001
Chronicle Books LLC

Tea is hot and getting hotter. In this cookbook, no leaf is left unturned. Discover the wide variety of teas that are available and their myriad health benefits, as well as over 50 recipes for cooking with tea: beverages, savories, and delectable sweets.

Charles O'Rear
Napa Valley: The Land, the Wine, the People
May 2001
Ten Speed Press

From the people who grow the grapes and create the wines to the variety of winery architecture and unrivaled vistas that distinguish the land, Napa Valley offers a personal and stunning look at the places, people, and events that have shaped this now-famous region. Without a doubt, O’Rear’s collection is the most original and comprehensive treasury ever assembled on Napa Valley.

Norman Van Aken
Norman's New World Cuisine
Oct 1997
Random House Publishing Group

There are over 160 recipes in this book--for everything from cocktails and sunset snacks (Machete Colada, Calypso Calamari) to soups (White Bean, Chorizo, and Collard Greens Caldo; Cracked-Hacked Conch Chowder with Saffron, Coconut, and Oranges) and seviches, salads, and paellas. Norman's fish fare is unforgettable--Rhum and Pepper-Painted Grouper, Grilled Florida Spiny Lobster with a Spicy Cumin Seed Drizzle, Yuca-Crusted Florida Striped Bass--and his recipes for birds, such as Roasted Stuffed Game Hen with Pearl Onions and Sherry, are breathtaking. And then there are Our Just Desserts: A Cubano Bread Pudding Brûlée, Havana Bananas with Barbados Rhum, a Stirfry of Exotic Tropical Fruits in Aromatic Spiced Crêpes.

Norman Van Aken
Norman Van Aken's Feast of Sunlight :200 Inspired Recipes from the Master of New World Cuisine
Apr 1997
Harvard Common Press

Florida chef Norman Van Aken is famous for the way he weds the Florida style with other "sun-drenched" cuisines, especially light and healthy Mediterranean and vibrant Southwestern/Latin American dishes. Here he provides 200 recipes which will help home cooks master this glorious cooking style with ease. of color photos.

Massimo Bottura
Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef