Jill DeGroff
Lush Life: Portraits from the Bar
Jan 2010
Mud Puddle Books, New York

Steeped soundly in the culture of the American cocktail scene—now entering the 21st century with a mixed roster of talented, wisecracking, colorful cocktailians—Lush Life is a veritable labor of love, nor simply for being a byproduct of husband and wife Dale and Jill DeGroff’s LA-born romance. The love here is for the people of the cocktail world, and it’s sketched, brushed, and suffused into each of Jill DeGroff’s pictures. And while the book is laid out generationally, Lush Life essentially unites its subjects under the proud patchwork banner of the bartender. A pictorial tour of the beating heart of the American cocktail scene, Lush Life recalls the old school cool of Al Hirschfeld’s “Speakeasies of 1932,” updated with its tech-savvy cast of mixologist up-and-comers and standby old-timers—all of it colored by DeGroff’s inimitable aesthetic eye. DeGroff’s portraits are the beating heart of the book, and they capture the spirit and nuance of this cast of cocktail-slinging characters with visual grace and spry, poetic wit. But lest she leave her reader thirsty, DeGroff includes recipes for favorite and famous drinks, as well as tales from behind the bar and occasional odd remembrances. In the end the whole experience is akin to an evening spent among friends, leaning up against the polished wood of a favorite local bar.

Librairie Larousse
Larousse Gastronomique : The World's Greatest Culinary Encyclopedia, Revised Edition
Oct 2009
Crown Publishing Group

This extensively revised edition features 200 new recipes (3,500 in all), 400 new reference entries, new full-color photographs, a handy ribbon marker, and an appealing, contemporary new design and package. And, for the first time ever, entries on American cuisine!

Edmund O. Lawler
Lessons in Wine Service from Charlie Trotter
Jan 2009
Ten Speed Press

His third in a series on culinary education finds Charlie Trotter in the wine cellar, conveying his accrued knowledge of the finer points of wine service to his industry peers. The reader is in good hands with Trotter, whose eponymous Chicago restaurant won the James Beard Foundation’s Outstanding Wine Service Award and who himself considers wine as much an inspiration as a compliment to the culinary experience. On Trotter’s behalf, journalist Edmund Lawler conducts an investigation into the components of successful wine service, from hiring the right wine master and service staff to traveling to actual vineyards in search of the best bottles for your restaurant’s tables. The book is permeated by Trotter’s unique perspective on the wine-food relationship, i.e. that wine is a “fixed” quantity whereas food is “variable,” and therefore can be adjusted according to wine as opposed to vice versa. With this reversal of traditional pairing technique, Trotter’s guide to wine service gives his industry peers a grasp of the true malleability of the longstanding and marvelously successful dynamic between the culinary and viticultural arts.

Jose Garces with April White
Latin Evolution
Sep 2008
Lake Isle Press

Latin Evolution by Jose Garces, often called “the godfather of Nuevo Latino cuisine,” is a sophisticated, much needed cookbook in the culinary publishing world. As Garces simply states, “This recipe collection is a highly personal mix of my family history, culinary training and personal creativity.” It focuses on modern Spanish and Latin American cuisines with inventive recipes presented in a clear format, each with its own short historical introduction. The “Basics” chapter includes recipes for flavored oils, various confits and authentic sauces, among other things, called for in the preceding recipes. He also includes a glossary of regional ingredients with substitutions for the international audience. We’re glad to see our 2004 Philadelphia Rising Star is keeping up the good work, and spreading the gospel of modern Latin cuisine.

Wolfgang Puck
Live, Love, Eat! The Best of Wolfgang Puck
Sep 2006
Random House Value Publishing, Incorporated

Live, Love, Eat! takes its title from Puck's signature catch-phrase and one that sums up his exuberant approach to cooking and entertaining. This new offering from Puck's kitchen is composed of 150 favorite recipes featured on his Food Network show.

Edmund Lawler
Lessons in Service from Charlie Trotter
Mar 2004
Ten Speed Press

As winner of the James Beard Foundation's Outstanding Restaurant Award, Charlie Trotter and his service staff run what many consider to be America's finest restaurant. But it's not just about food in this renowned Chicago hot spot. It's about a subtle relationship between food, wine, ambiance, and service--a relationship Trotter has perfected by hiring passionate staff with the ability to surpass his incredibly high standards. In Lessons in Service, journalist Edmund Lawler reveals the secrets behind Trotter's unequaled success and shows other businesses how to improve their levels of service.

Pino Luongo
La Mia Cucina Toscana : A Tuscan Cooks in America
Oct 2003
Broadway Books

2004 James Beard Award Nominee for Photography; Pino Luongo, prolific and irrepressible restaurateur (Le Madri, Coco Pazzo, Tuscan Square, and Centolire) and author of A Tuscan in the Kitchen and Simply Tuscan, has written a highly personal, completely innovative take on the food of his native region.

Daniel Boulud
Letters to a Young Chef
Jan 2003
Basic Books

From the reinvention of French food through the fine dining revolution in America, Daniel Boulud has been a witness to and a creator of today's food culture. In Letters to a Young Chef, Boulud speaks not only of how to make a career as a chef in today's world, but also of why one should want to do so in the first place. As he himself puts it, it is "a tasty life." The love of food and the obsession with flavors, ingredients, and techniques are the chef's source of strength, helping the young chef to survive and flourish during the long years of apprenticeship and their necessary sacrifices. Part memoir, part advice book, part cookbook, part reverie, this delicious new book will delight and enlighten chefs of all kinds, from passionate amateurs to serious professionals.

Le Cordon Bleu
Le Cordon Bleu Wine Essentials
Jan 2001
Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated

From one of the world's leading cooking schools, expert advice and professional secrets to buying, storing, serving and drinking wine for the everyday wine lover. The book also includes a behind-the-scenes look at winemaking, building a well-balanced wine collection, and practical advice on investing wine.

Maguy Le Coze, and Eric Ripert
Le Bernardin Cookbook
Sep 1998
Broadway Books

Beautifully rejacketed. Understated elegance for home cooks in 100 plus impeccable recipes from New York's only four-star seafood restaurant. Thirty of the famous desserts are here, too. Adapted for home kitchens, all of the selections in the Le Bernardin Cookbook can be prepared with a minimum of fuss, and many of them feature Gilbert Le Coze's simple, delicate herb-infused vinaigrettes and nages.

Chris Schlesinger
Lettuce in Your Kitchen : Where Salad Gets a Whole New Spin and Dressings Do Double Duty
May 1998
HarperCollins Publishers

A salad-and-dressing lover's treasury of easy, creative, and dynamic salads and dressings includes simple tossed salads, all-vegetable creations, and substantial entrees, as well as information on choosing and cleaning greens and on dozens of non-salad uses for dressings.

Chris Schlesinger
License to Grill
May 1997
HarperCollins Publishers

Chris Schlesinger and "Doc" Willoughby, authors of the bestselling The Thrill of the Grill, are back with even more innovative and inspired everyday and exotic recipes and techniques for grilling great food. This time they've gone heavy on the lighter fare, with more vegetables, more seafood, more pasta, and more surprisingly grillable fruit. color insert.

Emeril Lagasse
Louisiana Real & Rustic
Sep 1996
HarperCollins Publishers

This is a roots cookbook through and through, and the first lesson to learn is that in Louisiana, the roots run deep. Acadian, Creole, north Louisiana, south Louisiana, Bayou, country, city--each figures into the mix, and Emeril explores them all. He shows you gumbos that can be made with a French roux, African okra, or a file from the indigenous Indians. There are famous Meat Pies from Natchitoches, Louisiana; Creole dishes like Catfish Pecan Meuniere; and classic etouffees, jambalayas, and fricassees--the one-pot meals that are the heart of Acadian (a.k.a. Cajun) cooking.

Reed Hearon & Laurie Smith
LA Parilla : The Mexican Grill
Jun 1996
Chronicle Books LLC

From the tropical coast of Quintana Roo to the rugged countryside of northern Mexico, the grill, la parilla, defines the essence of Mexican cooking. Acclaimed chef Reed Hearon's exciting new cookbook explores the limitless possibilities for grilling Mexican style, with more than 80 sensational recipes for everything from snacks to a full-fledged fiesta.

Paul Prudhomme
Louisiana Kitchen
Apr 1984
HarperCollins Publishers

Chef Paul Prudhomme's Louisiana Kitchen is full of surprises, for he is unique in the way he has enlarged the repertoire of Cajun and Creole food, creating new dishes and variations within the old traditions. Seafood Stuffed Zucchini with Seafood Cream Sauce, Paneed Chicken and Fettucini, Veal and Oyster Crepes, Artichoke Prudhomme- these and many more are newly conceived recipes, but they could have been created only by a Louisiana cook. The most famous of Paul Prudhomme's original recipes is Blackened Red fish, a daringly simple dish of fiery Cajun flavor that is often singled out by food writers as an example of the best of new American regional cooking.