Masaharu Morimoto, Troy N. Thompson, and Roy Yamaguchi
Japanese Healthy Sprinkles: Three Chefs Shake It Up with Traditional Japanese Spices
Jan 2010
DH Publishing

Sprinkles don’t immediately come to mind when thinking of western savory food, but in Japanese cuisine, the use of furikake (literally “shake” or “sprinkle”) to flavor foods from rice to soups and beyond is common. Originally created to supplement calcium in the Japanese diet (a pharmacist blended dried, ground fish with seaweed and seasonings), furikake have expanded over the decades, even to the shores of western cuisine. In this user friendly guide, three famous chefs offer up recipes using furikake that span the ultra traditional to the contemporary. Interspersed are recipes for furikake, adaptable seasoning blends that lend these (and any) recipes an extraordinary depth of authentic Japanese flavor.

Tadashi Ono and Harris Salat
Japanese Hot Pots: Comforting One-Pot Meals
Jan 2010
Ten Speed Press

The hot pot is a Japanese culinary tradition: fresh ingredients poached in their own flavorful liquid in one simmering, delicious pot. Perfect for comforting weeknight meals to stave off the cold, hot pots can accommodate a variety of ingredients, although they are most gratifying when prepared with the flavorful stocks of Japanese cuisine. Chef Ono and food journalist Salat offer a primer on the building blocks of hot pots, from umami-rich stocks to hot-pot specific cooking tips. Recipes include extra information on lesser known Japanese ingredients and techniques, ensuring that even the unacquainted cook will produce a hot pot worthy of the tradition.

Jonathan Lundy
Jonathan’s Bluegrass Table: Redefining Kentucky Cuisine
Jan 2010
Butler Books

A taste of Kentucky isn’t just a taste of the South. Kentucky is a region unto itself, with culinary traditions and local ingredients that give its food distinctive character. Chef Jonathan Lundy has been preparing the region’s distinctive cuisine for years at Jonathan at Gratz Park in Lexington. He shares the secrets of his culinary success in this tell-all recipe guide to Kentucky cuisine. With recipes that feature the region’s fresh local produce, artisan cheeses, and wildflower honeys, as well as the long-held traditions and techniques, Jonathan’s Blue Grass Table presents a rich and inviting culinary tapestry, a testament to the flavors and textures of real Kentucky cuisine.

Jasper J. Mirabile Jr.
Jasper’s Kitchen Cookbook Italian Recipes and Memories from Kansas City’s Legendary Restaurant
Oct 2009
Andrews McMeel Publishing

Jasper’s Kitchen Cookbook not only showcases the best of the eponymous much-loved Kansas City restaurant, it invites readers into the rich traditions and history of the Mirabile family both inside and outside the kitchen. Stories of recipe origins that date back over a century as well as tips on how to update old techniques and source rare ingredients make this a valuable resource for the chef interested in authentic Italian cuisine. With five courses’ worth of recipes and even a glimpse of how the Mirabiles cook at home, Jasper Jr. tells the full food story of a family legacy begun by his grandfather and continued by his father and most recently himself at a restaurant synonymous with the Italian American success story.

Karen Solomon
jam it, pickle it, cure it: And Other Cooking Projects
Apr 2009
Ten Speed Press

For the cook or chef not content to use store-bought, pre-made jams, butters, ricotta or mayonnaise comes this handy resource – a how-to on 75 culinary craft projects. Self-appointed “food tinkerer” Karen Solomon here shares her hard-won knowledge on the best recipes for all manner of kitchen comestibles, from gravlax to peanut butter cups to good old-fashioned mayonnaise. With a firm belief in the superior value of homemade, Solomon provides alternatives for most of America’s condiment and staple favorites, along with serving and packaging recommendations, should you intend to use your lemon curd or kimchee as a gift. Not only is the result a fun and useful book, but it infects the reader with serious culinary curiosity.

Jamie Oliver
Jamie’s Italy
Nov 2006

Both the recipes and the photographs in this book make you feel as if you’re traveling through Italy. The recipes are the result of Jamie Oliver’s journey all over Italy, and they are by Italian home cooks, for home cooks. Traditional and authentic, the food in this book will make you want to cook, and then take a trip to Italy to thank the contributors for their Sicilian Lobster Broth and Pear Sorbet.

Jancis Robinson
Jancis Robinson's Wine Course
Apr 2006
Abbeville Press, Incorporated

One of the world's most respected wine writers provides an introduction to the enjoyment of wine and an overview of the wines of the world in this companion volume to the acclaimed television series. Full of infectious enthusiam and lots of personal tips, this book will soon have you reaching for the corkscrew. 300 full-color illustrations.

Jancis Robinson
Jancis Robinson's Wine Course, Second Edition
Apr 2006
Abbeville Press, Incorporated

Designed to ensure that you get the most out of every glass, the Wine Course explains how to taste and store wine, suggests what to serve at home, and reveals how to order the best-value bottles in a restaurant. Full of infectious enthusiasm and lost of personal tips, this book will soon have you reaching for the corkscrew.

John Ash
John Ash Cooking One-on-One : Kitchen Secrets from a Master Teacher
Mar 2004
Crown Publishing Group

John Ash believes that the best way to become a confident, creative cook is to plunge right in, explore the possibilities, and learn as you go. John Ash: Cooking One-on-0ne presents his liberating approach in 22 lessons, each one focusing on a specific technique, underused or unusual ingredient, or a flavor maker--the vinaigrettes, salsas, and other components that turn ordinary dishes into something special.

Jamie Oliver
Jamie's Kitchen : A Complete Cooking Course
Oct 2003

Jamie's Kitchen -- the book -- is laid out as a cooking course and will inspire readers of all levels. Some of the cooking techniques included are making salads, cooking without heat, poaching and boiling, steaming, stewing and braising, roasting, grilling, and baking. In the process, Jamie shares one-of-a-kind, delicious recipes, such as prosciutto and pecorino, citrus-seared tuna with crispy noodles, herbs, and chili; smoked haddock risotto; and baked chocolate pudding.

Gary Regan
Joy of Mixology : The Consummate Guide to the Bartender's Craft
Oct 2003
Random House Inc

The Joy of Mixology brings a new understanding to the world of cocktails and how to make them. Expert author Gary Regan's unprecedented innovation is the fresh look he takes at various "families" of drinks.

Corby Kummer
Joy of Coffee, Revised and Updated: The Essential Guide to Buying, Brewing, and Enjoying
Aug 2003
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

In this eminently readable book, Corby Kummer travels the country and the world to give readers all the latest information they need to make a great cup of coffee at home. The Joy of Coffee sorts through the confusing array of beans on the market and identifies the best. It gives clear, practical information on which coffee grinders to buy and how to choose a coffee brewer or espresso machine.

Joachim Splichal
Joachim Splichal's Patina Cookbook
May 2003
Random House, Inc.

Joachim Splichal shares his culinary vision in PATINA COOKBOOK, which features more than 60 delicious recipes that blend classic European techniques with fresh California cuisine.

Jacques Pépin
Jacques Pepin Celebrates : The Companion Book to His New PBS Series
Sep 2001
Random House Inc

The companion book to a new 26-part public television series debuting in the fall of 2001. A fabulous book for people who love to cook! To Jacques Pepin, every meal is a celebration. And his delight in creating delicious offerings for family and friends is contagious as he shares the secrets of meals he has prepared over the years for holidays, special occasions, and family gatherings.

Jacques Pépin
Jacques Pépin's Complete Techniques: More Than 1,000 Basic Preparations and Recipes, All Demonstrated in Step-by-Step Photographs
May 2001
Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, Inc.

"This is a seminal work, and like no other. Jacques Pépin is not only a renowned chef, a foremost authority on French cuisine, and a great teacher; also, as all of us know who have seen him in action, he is truly a master technician. For us to have all this information in our hands, fully illustrated and explained, is indeed a treasure." -Julia Child

Jean-Georges Vongerichten
Jean-Georges : Cooking at Home With a Four-Star Chef
Sep 1998
Broadway Books

Interested in terrific food? Good. The first thing to do is buy this book. Then clear your calendar for the next 150 days. At a recipe a day, that's how long it will take to go from cover to cover. Your old life? Buy this book and kiss your old life goodbye. You won't regret it.

Joan Nathan
Jewish Cooking In America
Sep 1998
Random House Inc

Much more than a cookbook--though it does contain over 300 recipes--this entertaining volume is also a history of the Jewish people through their food. Nathan introduces both people and food in a preface that discusses dietary laws, Jewish holidays, Jewish immigration to the U.S., and the impact of Jews--and their food--on American culture. With every recipe comes an original story or a reprint of an article or a personal vignette that intrigues and/or edifies. For instance, the recipe for falafel appears complete with a profile of Moshe, owner of the best falafel pushcart in New York City. There are also lots of photos, both modern and historic. A number-one choice for cookery collections, but make sure history buffs can find it, too.

Jancis Robinson
Jancis Robinson's Guide to Wine Grapes
Oct 1996
Oxford University Press, USA

A superb guide to wine grapes, by one of the world's leading authorities, this volume covers over 850 grapes, from Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc, to Trebbiana, Muller-Thurgau, and Rkatsiteli. It doubles as an informative buuying guide, telling readers everything they need to know to make an informed decision to buy or pass.