Aki Kamozawa and H Alexander Talbot
Ideas in Food: Great Recipes and Why They Work
Dec 2010
Clarkson Potter Publishers

Ideas in Food is a portable book jam packed with information for professional chefs and advanced home cooks. Husband and wife team Alexander Talbot and Aki Kamozawa of work with chefs through their consulting company and blog to make food science understandable and accessible. The book is divided into one section for home cooks and another for professionals. The former section covers topics that one would mostly likely pick up in culinary school; topics like brining and dehydrating are deconstructed, explained, and utilized in tempting recipes. But it’s in the professional chapters where Talbot and Kamozawa get really interesting. They decipher hydrocolloids from xanthan gum and locust bean gum, expound on transglutaminase, and clarify the use of liquid nitrogen. Most chefs know that these chemical catalysts can transform mere ingredients into conceptual and elegant dishes, but readers of Ideas in Food will understand how.

Pushpesh Pant
India Cookbook
Nov 2010

India Cookbook is comprehensive—and it isn’t afraid to brag about it. Billed as “the only book on Indian food you’ll ever need” on its front cover, this impressive work from cookbook author and University of New Delhi professor is appropriately culinary and scholarly. An info-packed introduction explains some of the history of Indian food (influenced by Greek envoys, Arab traders, Portugeuse explorers, and, of course, the British) as well as its medicinal, regional, spiritual, and cultural characteristics. From there, Pant delves immediately into the over 700 pages of recipes (a strong argument for the “only book on Indian food you’ll ever need” idea), from the “heart and soul of Indian cooking” spice blends to chutneys, appetizers, breads, pulses (legumes), desserts, and more. Color photographs of dishes like “Split Red Dal” and “Goan Fish Curry” bring the dishes to vibrant, mouth-watering life.

Maeve O’Meara with Guy Grossi
Italian Food Safari
Nov 2010
Hardie Grant Books

Maeve O’Meara and Chef Guy Grossi have written an impressive companion cookbook to their Australian cooking show “Italian Food Safari.” The show’s best moments showcase how Italian-Australians re-root classic Italian traditions—mass producing fresh mozzarella di Bufala, producing home-cooked porchetta, and foraging for mushrooms—on Australian soil. These inserts are followed by Ina Garten-style recipes (elegant but simple) from famed Australian chefs. The cookbook focuses on recipes featured on the show but lacks the informational bits that make the TV series so watchable—nothing awakens the appetite like watching an ingredient evolve into and inspire a dish. The recipes range in complexity, originality, and style from Spaghetti Alle Vongole to Quail, Porchini, and Chestnut Involtini. And whether in print or on the air, they remain intriguing and tempting.

Editors of Cook's Illustrated
Italian Classics
Apr 2007
America's Test Kitchen

2003 IACP Award Winner! Single Subject Category; This cookbook provides 337 recipes covering the wide range of Italian cooking. All of the recipes have been tested again and again to ensure that they are foolproof. In addition to recipes, this in-depth volume also provides answers to the questions that home cooks face every day. Italian Classics also contains more than 200 illustrations that show you how to shape pizza, roast peppers, hack up chicken for chicken stock, prepare artichokes, and assemble tiramisu. No-nonsense equipment ratings are also included--find out which cheese graters work best and what to look for when shopping for a chef's knife.

Andrea Nguyen
Into the Vietnamese Kitchen: Treasured Foodways, Modern Flavors
Nov 2006
Ten Speed Press

Delving into the rich culinary traditions of her homeland, Nguyen emerges with a treasure of recipes that directly translate–as opposed to transform–Vietnamese cooking for the American kitchen. In part because ingredients are increasingly available in grocery stores and farmers markets, Nguyen is able to demystify the cuisine of Vietnam and present it accurately - as a food at once comforting and elegant. After a brief primer on Vietnamese culinary history and lore, and tips on stocking a Vietnamese pantry, Nguyen proceeds to her recipes, which are comprehensive, where she provides personal history and a brief description of each dish. The result is the ideal introduction to a foreign cuisine, where you feel as if you’re cooking with an expert and a friend.

David Rosengarten
It's All American Food : The Best Recipes for More Than 400 New American Classics
May 2005
Little, Brown & Company

David Rosengarten has created a definitive cookbook of truly American favorites, ranging from coast to coast, back into the past, and into the cuisines that have merged with the American mainstream in recent decades.

Adams, Jody and Rivard, Ken
In the Hands of a Chef : Cooking with Jody Adams of Rialto Restaurant
Jan 2002
HarperCollins Publishers

As a chef, Jody Adams spends most evenings at her restaurant, but on nights and weekends off, she treasures cooking for family and friends. Here are favorite dishes she prepares at home. Inspired by New England ingredients and her gastronomic forays throughout Europe, Adams' food--simple soups, seasonal salads, and satisfying main courses--is happy and hearty.

Regan Daley
In the Sweet Kitchen : The Definitive Guide to the Baker's Pantry & Craft
Sep 2001
Artisan Publishers

2001 IACP Cookbook of the Year; This professional-quality, 704-page reference was singled out by the International Association of Culinary Professionals as the best cookbook of the year, in addition to being chosen as the best book of its category (Bread, Other Baking and Sweets).

Dawn Davis
If You Can Stand the Heat : Tales from Chefs & Restaurateurs
Oct 1999
Penguin Group (USA)

Whether you are seriously considering making a career out of your passion for the kitchen or you're an armchair foodie, If You Can Stand the Heat is essential reading. This informative and dishy insider's collection of interviews with some of the country's leading chefs and food professionals shows what it takes to make it in the world of food, and helps answer such questions as: What are the first steps in opening up a restaurant? What can I expect if I make a mid-life career change?